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Procedure of doing work permits Vietnam for Turkish

Doing work permits Vietnam for Turkish is not depending on symbols of visa on passport. Visa can be symbol Tourism DL or visiting relatives TT or working, commercial DN

Vietnam Visa For Turkish

Vietnam Visa for Turkish for the purpose of tourism in Vietnam is quite difficult, because the government of Vietnam considers Turkey nationality as sensitive nationality, therefore the cost and time will longer and more costly.

Procedures For Applying Work Permit For Foreign Workers In Vietnam

Foreigners working in Vietnam for more than 03 consecutive months have to register work permit, from the date of 01/04/2016 Vietnam government has adopted new regulations on newly granting and renewing work permit.

Making One Year Vietnam Visa For Indian People

It is very difficult to make one year multiple Vietnam visa for Indian People because Vietnam government only issue 3 month Vietnam Visa for tourist or business purpose due to the current regulation.

New Information About 2 Year Residence Card And Visa Extension

From 1st January 2015, Vietnam immigration department has changed regulations about issuing visa, extending visa and visa code, 2 year residence card for foreigner in Vietnam. There is no change for visa on arrival except for visa code.

Sharing experience in making Vietnam visa on arrival

Today I would like to share my own experience in making Vietnam visa online to you. I do hope that my sharing can help those who are coming to Vietnam to understand about Vietnam visa for their trip.

Instructions To Pay For Visa

After you apply visa information, you have filled in the payment information but your transaction is not successful, you want to pay again but you do not know what to do. Then we will instruct you how to pay and you can choose one of following methods:

China Government has accepted Vietnam visa on arrival

From 1st January, 2013, China Government allowed tourists in China, Chinese citizens use visa arrival to get on plan and come to Vietnam