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Vietnam visa for working

You plan on coming to Vietnam to work in a certain period of time - 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, one year, three years.... You are looking for information on how to stay during the period of working in Vietnam. To answer your questions vietnamvisaonline.net will offer you the following information.

Some important requirements to get Vietnam visa in China

If you apply for visa to Vietnam when you are in mainland China (except Hong Kong and Macao), please pay attention to the following two cases:

Vietnam visa on arrival for Africa and Middle East passport holders

According to Vietnam Immigration Department, the passport holders of Africa and Middle East are difficult to apply Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa on arrival - 6 months and one year single / multiple entry visa

Vietnam Visa Validity: Vietnamese visas are generally issued for single or multiple entries with a validity of one month or three months according to the visa application and depending on the fee.

Guidance Procedures For Request Permanent Residence Cards

Foreigners who are staying in Vietnam in one of the following cases considered, for permanent settlement...

Working Licence for foreigners as regulation of Vietnam Government

All enterprises and organizations recruiting foreign laborers to work in Vietnam..

Vietnam Immigration Rule 2011

In order to create favorable conditions for foreigners to Viet Nam, the Prime Minister has agreed to abolish the immigration declaration for all passengers when they do procedures of entry and exit at Vietnam's international airports since September 15, 2010...

Visa to Vietnam

Visa to Vietnam can be applied up to 3 months as maximum in advance of your intended date of travel to Vietnam.