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Procedure of doing work permits Vietnam for Turkish

Doing work permits Vietnam for Turkish is not depending on symbols of visa on passport. Visa can be symbol Tourism DL or visiting relatives TT or working, commercial DN.


Passengers can choose 02 forms to do work permits Vietnam:

-          Selection 1: passengers who are abroad can do work permits in advance, after having work permits,  conducting to do visa procedures to Vietnam

-          Selection 2: passengers entered Vietnam and then conducting to do work permits

However, o2 forms are different, procedures is nearly similar. And depending on purpose of passenger to have suitable selection

Some important notes before doing work permits

-          Passengers must consular legalization of documents issued abroad. Then sending to Vietnam for translation and notary

-          Content of confirmation work is very important, so passengers should contact us for details information and matching with job position that Turkish people wants  to do.

-          If passenger is having the old work permits of other companies or diplomas, training certificates, passenger should notify for us

-          Time of doing work permits can be extended to 1,5 months for difficult case, normally it only takes 15 days to do work permits

Way of consular legalization for people of Turkey:

Passenger brings documents which was issued by Government of Turkey or company in Turkey issued, and then go to Foreign Affairs to confirm

After having confirmation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, passenger brings that document to Embassy of Vietnam in Turkey to confirm. Address of Embassy as follow:


Passengers should legalize the following documents in Turkey:

-          Degree or training certificate has been issued

-          Career certificate.

-          Birth certificate of child and person who will come to Vietnam to work

-          Marriage certificate, documents to prove relation in family

-          License

-          Passport


The following cases, people of Turkey don’t have to do work permits in Vietnam:

Procedures of doing work permits Vietnam for people of Turkey are abroad:

Copy of passport must be legalized.

-          Health certificate for working must be legalized

-          Confirmation that no crime issued by government of Turkey and must be legalized

-          Degree and training certificate.

-          Confirmation of career certificate must be legalized

-          4x6 photo with white background, without glasses.

All of document above must be sent to Vietnam to conduct of doing work permits

Company in Vietnam need to do some procedures to finish as follow:

-          Form of dispatch approved of recruiting labor with labor Department or BQLCKCN

-          The forms of company was stamped and signed.

-          Translation and notary the documents was issued by abroad

-          Translation and notary the documents was issued by abroad


Time of doing work permits is 15 days working.


Procedure of doing work permits Vietnam for people of Turkey entered and now they are living in Vietnam

-          Health certificate for working is examined at Hospital in Vietnam, list of hospital permitted to examine to do work permits

-            Confirmation that no crime is issued by government of Turkey and must be legalized and notarized translation

-          Degree and training certificate must be legalized and notarized translation.

-          Confirmation of work experience must be legalized and notarized translation

-          4x6 photo with white background, without glasses

-          Confirmation that no crime of Vietnam if passenger entered in Vietnam for many times and stayed in Vietnam over 6 months.

-          Company’s profile in Vietnam

-          Time for handling work permits is 15 days

Some important notes:

  1. Before doing work permits, passenger should contact with us in advance to know important information such as: plan of arriving and leaving Vietnam, Companies in Vietnam, who will go together with passenger to come to Vietnam for living and working
  1. Position of passenger will take over at company in Vietnam, this position will be done on work permits or the purpose of work permits for any positions is also accepted? And sending for us a snapshot business registration of company in Vietnam via email.
  1. Currently where is passenger? And company did do work experience for passenger where it is? do company do business in what fields?
  1. Will passengers work in Vietnam permanent or short-term or only less than 03 months each time?
  1. The documents passengers can give us? Very important for us to know how to handle. Passengers please send a snapshot via email all kinds of that document.
  1. The duration of work permit is the most long-term under the provisions of state agencies is 02 years.

Doing work permits if moving from old company to new company

Turkish is working for a company and work permits is still effective, now they want to move to other company to work, procedures of doing work permits is almost new.

Procedure is only simpler than degree and training certificate, however, new position has to be suitable to old position that they took over on work permits. New company has to operate in equivalent business line.

If not having to that business line, they have to make new completely on work permits

That person has to store the old work permits or certified copy not exceeding 06 months.

Procedures of doing work permits extension for Turkish

Before work permits expire within 5 days, required to submit renew the work permits, if later, passenger has to re-do the new work permits. As soon as possible to extend the procedures and filing is 45 days before the work permit expired.

Profile of renewal procedures as follows:

-          A written approval from the state agency for renewed work permit for foreigners..

-          Copy of certified passport

-          Health certificate

-          Work permit old original

-          Sample forms of company stamped and signed

-          4x6 photo with white background, 02 pictures

-           Time limits for work permit extension is: 7-10 working days


To know further information of doing work permits for Turkish, passenger please contact us.


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