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Vietnam Visa For Turkish

The main content of visas for Turkish nationals to Vietnam:

-          Vietnam tourist visa for Turkish, denoted as DL and renewal procedures

-          Working visa or employee visa for Turkish, denoted as DN or LD

-          Making Vietnam work permit for Turkish

-          Making 02-year visa or temporary residence card for 02 years

-          Work permit renewal procedures

-          Procedures for remaking temporary residence card for 02 years

-          Procedures for exemption certificate of 05-year visa for Turkish

-          Procedures for temporary residence card for people with spouses and children.


I. Vietnam Visa For Turkish  (denoted as DL)

Vietnam Visa for Turkish for the purpose of tourism in Vietnam is quite difficult, because the government of Vietnam considers Turkey nationality as sensitive nationality, therefore the cost and time will longer and more costly.

Passengers can obtain visas and visa stamps in 02 positions: Visa is stamped at Vietnam embassy abroad or stamped at Vietnam international borders: Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Moc Bai. Therefore before applying a visa, the passenger must tell us where you want visa to be stamped.

Vietnam tourist visas are for tourism only, if passengers want to stay in Vietnam longer, you can renew them. However, the visa renewal depends on where passengers enter Vietnam, such as entry at Noi Bai International Airport and Danang, the renewal is always more difficult than entry at Tan Son Nhat international airport or Moc Bai border gate.

We affirmed that making Vietnam tourist visas for Turkish without the guarantee and invitation letter from Vietnam company. Procedure papers are simply as follows.

Tourist visa procedures:

-          Scan the passport

-          The expected date of entry

-          Place of stamping visas for passengers: at the embassy or Vietnam international gate

-          Time of obtaining visa: 5-7 working days, if passengers need to do quickly, it can be 2-3 days urgently

Apply now visa on arrival Vietnam for Turkish


Visa on arrival Vietnam for Turkish


-          The expected date of entry, passengers are not allowed to enter before the expected date, but may enter after that date.

-          Passengers can apply visas on arrival, and visa stamps at Vietnam International border gate

-          Passengers can apply visa and visa stamps at Vietnam embassy in Turkey

Procedures for Vietnam tourist visa renewal

-          Original passport of the person to be renewed

-          4x6 profile photo with white background: 1 photo

-          Renewal time: 5 working days


II. Visa to Vietnam for the purpose of business or working (denoted as DN or LD)

If passengers go to Vietnam to work with a company, passengers should apply working visas. Working Visa will be guaranteed by that company, usually a visa will be valid for not more than 03 months.

Passengers can have working visas stamped at Vietnam embassy in foreign countries or at  Vietnam international border gate.

If passengers wish to stay longer, can renew them. The renewal of the visa shall be guaranteed by a company in Vietnam. But the visa can be renewed for no more than 03 months of validity.

Working visa procedures:

-          Company Profile in Vietnam: business registration, registration of notarized copy mark.

-          A passport photocopy of the person to do

-          Form prepared by our company, sent to seal and sign.

-          Time of obtaining visa: 3-5 working days

For working visas, passengers must have additional requirements, to do the work permit first, then applying working visa.

Procedures for making working visas are the same as DN visas, but must add work permit.


Several attention on Vietnam visa for Turkish:

-          If passengers travel to Vietnam in short time for the purpose of traveling, working, or visiting relatives, passengers should apply tourist visas for simpler procedures and faster obtaining time. As long as entering Vietnam, passengers do not violate the laws of Vietnam.

-          Visa renewal procedure for Turkish is quite difficult, but when passengers enter at Tan Son Nhat airport, Moc Bai, it will be easier and more economical for the renewal.

-          Passengers can guarantee a visa to the wife, children, husband, in the form of family visiting. But passengers must have marriage registration certificate, birth certificate about husband and wife and children relationship.

-          Passengers wishing to apply long-term visas of 01 years, 02 years, or temporary residence cards should contact us for advice.

-          We do not get visas for the passengers of the following: Traveled to Vietnam and violated the law of, suspects of serious violations, the wanted subjects by INTERPOOL

-          Children under 18 must be accompanied by their parents or adults who apply visas.

-          For visas for study purpose, passengers should contact the school to register.

-          Passengers can apply visas when coming from a country other than Turkey

-          We only make Vietnam visas for Turkish passport, we can not do Travel Document.


You can find more information about making work permit and residence card for Turkish at here


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