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Sharing experience in making Vietnam visa on arrival

Today I would like to share my own experience in making Vietnam visa online to you. I do hope that my sharing can help those who are coming to Vietnam to understand about Vietnam visa for their trip.

I come from USA and I am a frequent traveler, I have been to many countries all over the world. Before each trip, the first thing I care about is visa. I usually check on internet if the country I am going to requires a visa or not, if yes, what is the most convenient way to get it. The traditional way to get visa is applying at embassy but it takes much time and effort. Now, many governments offer visa on arrival which you can get at the airport upon arrival and this is the most fastest and easiest way to get visa.


Vietnam’s government also provides Vietnam visa on arrival for tourists and businessmen all over the world. It helps us to get visa stamped at the airport instead of applying at embassy. In order to get visa stamp, you will need an approval letter from the immigration department beforehand. It is very easy to get this approval letter because there are many travel agencies in Vietnam offering this service. You just need to apply then get approval letter issued. There are many types of visa you can choose, 1 month single, 1 month multiple, 3 month single, 3 month multiple visa, even 6 month multiple visa (just some reputable agencies can make 6 month multiple visa for some certain countries)


Normally, there are 3 main steps to apply vietnam visa. After you choose a reliable website, you just need to apply your information, make payment for them. They will send email to confirm and your visa will be sent after 1-3 working days via email. You just need to print it out and show at the airport and get visa stamped. It is so easy and clear, isn’t it?


There are some important notes you should bear in mind when you apply for Vietnam visa online:


- Find a reliable travel agency: This is very important. Some agencies will take lot of time in requesting you so many information from you as they do not have a complete website, no visa application form. The unreliable travel agencies may spend 3-5 working days to get visa issued while it often takes just 1-3 working days. This may affect to your travel plan if you have booked flight tickets before making visa


- Check carefully if your nationality belongs to the limited ones. Because the criminal rate of some countries who came to Vietnam and broke the law was high so the immigration department gave more strict regulations to those ones. They will need you to send some documents such as scanned passport, hotel booking, returned tickets, invitation letter then they will check and decide if they will issue visa for you or not. It takes from 7-10 working days to get visa issued so you should check this before booking for your flight tickets. The limited countries usually those coming from African and Middle East. This is the one of the methods the immigration department use to limit the criminal rate, it does not mean that they want to treat you unfairly

- Make sure that the information you submit on visa application form is exact as the same on your passport (especially your full name, passport number) because if you submit it wrong, you will not get visa stamped at the airport as they base on the information you have submitted


I have been to Vietnam 5 times in last 3 years (To be honest Vietnam is an ideal place to visit and I really love this country). I always use Vietnam visa online from reputable agencies such as VietnamVisaOnline.net and VisaOnArrival.net Everything goes smoothly and it takes less time.


I may not list all the information you need but I hope you have an overview about how to make Vietnam visa online and if you have plan to come to Vietnam, please remember that Vietnam visa is the first ticket. Have a nice trip!

From New York Times


Comments + Q&A
Vietnam visa office,

I am wanting to return to Vietnam in February 2016, I am looking at continuing my volunteer work and teaching English for at least a year. Therefore would I need a business visa, and is it possible to get a year's visa without a letter of recommendation? As I have already looked on the Vietnamese embassy site and the longest visa advertised is 3 months.
Also if it is possible to get a years business visa what would be the general fee?

Thank you for your time

Kind regards

My sister would be travelling to Vietnam for student exchange programme for 5 weeks. She will be leaving on the 20 Jan 2016 to Vietnam. May I know how can she apply the visa from the Vietnam Embassy in Malaysia and what are the documents she is required to bring there? Kindly revert ASAP. Thank you.
Good Morning Jessica

I'm hoping you can help me! I secured my visa through you when I got back to Vietnam in August, I've since had it extended and it runs out on the 23rd of February.

I've heard rumours that the government has suspended 3 month single entry extension to visas and my visa extention person is not replying to my messages, do you know anything about this? And if it's true what are my options?
Dear Manager ,

Im starting to work in Vietnam (My Business Visa is already applied by my company) , and i would like ot take my Thai Wife and Thai Kid with me .
Do they need to apply for a visa ?

Thanks and kind regards ,
Dear Jessica,

My name is IVY. I am a friend of Miss Joan. She recommended you to me about visa. I would like to have 3 months business visa and invitation letter. I would like to ask about 6 months business visa fee. I am planning to leave the country on Friday and come back on Sunday. Please reply me as soon as possible.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a party of three people: 2 adults and one minor (17 years old), who will be arriving at Phu My from Singapore via the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Ovation of the Seas on June 14, 2016, at 7:00 a.m. We will be departing the same day at 7:00 p.m. for Hong Kong. The visa application form on-line allows selection from just three airports. Can I manually edit the application form to reflect our actual arrival location?

Do you require receipt of the actual passports, or may we submit color copies of the photo page? We are also applying for a visa to China, which requires submission of the passports.

Thank you,

Asking about how to apply visa if I am not at my country

Hi, I would want to ask question about visa application. Here is the thing. I am a Malaysian who currently taking undergraduate course in Taiwan. I have my internship at Vietnam for 52 days. Which it stated that Malaysia passport holders can go to Vietnam for 30 days without visa , so now my internship is over 30 days and I would want to ask how can I do with the visa applying? Do I need to go back to Malaysia to apply for the visa? Or is there any other way for me to solve this problem? I don't know much about visa stuff . I am here to ask for help. Hope that I can receive your reply as soon as possible. Thank you.


I am a French woman living in HK. I plan to go to Hanoi from the 30.06.2016 to the 3.07.2017.
I have read that the free entry visa for French passport holder is ending on the 30.6.2016.
I'd like to know whether I need to apply to a tourist visa or not.

Thank you in advance for your tips;
Hello ,
Long time .l have a client who wants to travel to Vietnam for business and tourism.l will send a copy of his passport as soon as possible.
Please can you advise me how to obtain a visa for entering Vietnam from Cambodia via the Mekong River? I am a UK passport holder living in Scotland.
Kind regards
Hi i am from Malaysia. I will be staying in vietnam for 5 weeks so it will be more than one month, so the one month free will be of use for me. So i will just have to pay the $28.99 and how will i get the visa? on the airport? Thanks and have a nice day
Dear Sirs
Vietnam visa online

My name is Enrique De Los Ríos, panamaniam citizen actually living in Madrid. I am planning a trip to southeast Asia. I found your webpage on internet. I shall be traveling with my friend from Bangladesh who will start his trip from Dhaka; I am starting from Madrid. I saw that requriements are to fill an application form and provide the airtrip itinerary and hotel booking. I wish to know if this requirements are equal for panamaniam and bangladeshi citizens. We are both applying for 1 month multiple entry as our plan is to arrive to Ho Chi Min city, stay 5 days, then continue to Cambodia by land or river; after Cambodia we shall continue to Thailand, always by land, next Malaysia, and from Kuala Lumpur take a plane back to Ho Chi Min airport on the same day that we take our planes back; me to Madrid and him to Dhaka. Can you process visa on arribval for both? Thanks for your kind attention,

My name is Callum and I am arriving in Ho Chi Minh City on 8th July. I am flying from Edinburgh in the UK and connecting in Doha, Qatar. I would like to apply for a 3 month multiple entry visa. Can you give me some information about the price and the procedure for applying?

Hello Jessica

I have a british friend, she is a frequent traveller to vietnam. She is in cambodia right now. She needs an invitation letter which will allow her to come to vietnam. She was on a visit visa, she travelled to bangkok and from there to cambodia. But she has not stayed out of vietnam for more than 15 days.

So her travel agent said that she needs a letter from a company in vietnam. Do you know what kind of letter is it? Can we issue this letter or it will be a trouble for us? Because i think she is doing part time travelling guide job and touring her customers in thailand, cambodia, laos
Dear Madam/Sir,

I would like to get a consultation regarding visa to Vietnam.
My husband is Belarusian, but currently he lives in Lithuania and has documents of a refugee (permanent residence permit in Lithuania and instead of passport - travel document (Convention of 28 July 1951).
In this case, can he travel to Vietnam and does he need visa? How can he apply for it?
Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Dear Sir/Mdm,
I m holding a BNO (British National Overseas) passport, staying in malaysia, can I apply my Vietnam visa online' thru this website. Thank you!


I am Ama, and upon checking status of my visa, it says “Processing”. However, i will be arriving in Vietnam on the 18th, will it be a problem if its too late?
Good day

A Norwegian schoolship, Fullriggeren Sorlandet, will sail from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City and stay there 4 days before they sail to Bali.
Onboard are crew, teachers and students. The sailship will sail from Hong Kong 18th August and arrive Hi Chi Minh the 26th August.

Onboard is a student from Colombia. He need visa in order to visit Vietnam, he need visa. Vietnam does not have an embassy in Bogota,
How can we get visa for the student?

Looking forward to hear from you
Hi there,

I am writing to ask for more information on the application of the visa for Vietnam Entry.

My wife and I both are UK passport holders, our 2 daughters are HKSAR passport holders.

It would be easier to apply in person in HK for all the parts so that when we land in Vietnam, we do not need to wait and queue for the other half of the visa, as our 2 daughters are very young. Is there a way to make an appointment at the embassy to get the full visa?

Looking forward to your advice.
Clarifications on Visa requirements,

I am a Malaysia with a valid Malaysian Passport. I need to visit Ho Chi Ming city for 3-4 days to attend a meeting. Please let me know if I will require to apply for a visa prior to flying there.
Service Fee

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am planning to submit a Visa application on-line and neede to know the following:

1. How do I pay for the service fee? is is after the submission and I will receive an email for payment?

2. How much will it be?
Dear Sir/Madam

I am a Nepali Citizen and planning on visiting Vietnam for my upcomming holiday.Do I need a Visa or can I get it on Arrival paying VIsa fees? Do I have to get the visa done in Advance before I fly to Vietnam? Thank you for taking time to reply the questions.I look forward to your positive response.

Sincerely Yours,

APPLY BUSINESS VISA DANANG AIRPORT, VIETNAM (FROM MALAYSIA) I would like to apply Business Visa please advise me what kind of documents do I need to fill in. What is the following steps after submission ? what is the charges incur ? Waiting for your reply.

Hi there

My nationality is Sudanese and I have a US travel document, I don't have a valid passport, therefore am currently not using a passport. Only US travel document. Will I be able to apply for visa to Vietnam? And send u all required documents?

Note that, am in Malaysia airport right now and I can take a flight to Vietnam, once approved.
Good Morning:

How does the visa process work for those who have retired in VN? Do they
renew their 90 single entry VN visa every 90 days?

Will the new one year visa for Americans make things easier?

Visa Veitnam *urgent*

I have an urgent request, we did not know we needed a visa for Vietnam.
We are flying from Ireland and arriving into Hanoi on the -7 ‘aug’16 at 16.15. and we are staying until the 12th of august.

Can you organise a visa for us in a such a short space of time.

Can you please respond ASAP
Dear Sir/mdm,

My girlfriend is holding a China passport . I intend to bring her to Vietnam for holiday. She is currently in Malaysia. Can I do the visa on arrival for her when I touch down Vietnam airport ? We intend to go to Ho Chi Min . Or she has to to apply the visa in Vietnam embassy in Malaysia first before flying over. Please advise. Thank you

Visa Invitation

This is Mark again, I would like to ask how much it will cost if I will get invitation for 3 months needed on 15 August 2016? Philippine is the nationality of the visa holder.

Travel visa

Our family is traveling from Hong Kong to Vietnam (Da Nang) this Saturday. We would like to obtain travel visa before our travel. Can you please advice if:

a) that can be done through HK consulate on time? I read the standard time is 3 working days, just want to confirm that with you.

b) for application, does my husband and son need to be present OR can I apply on behalf of them by visiting consulate?

c) do I need to make a booking prior to coming to consulate?

FYI - we hold Lithuanian, HK and Canadian passports.

Many thanks.
Visa to Vietnam

please kindly accept my greetings, I will be traveling to Vietnam next month 15th Sep 2016 for a week and need you to prepared a visa for me please confirm the price again and the procedure.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Visa on arrival for Pakistan

Could you please advise me if pakistan nationality can get visa on arrival ?
I am waiting for your reply.
Hi there,

I am a South African citizen travelling to laos and Vietnam with a friend in October.

We would like to apply for Visas on arrival.

Please can you send me a clear copy of the most recent application form.

Further, please let me know who I have to send the form to get the letter and what other documents I need to submit with the form.

We also need to know what the visa fee is for south Africa so we x an submit proof of payment (or do we have to pay on arrival?)

Thank you.

Kind regards,

I am a Canadian citizen, planning on applying for a Vietnamese travel visa - I will be physically visiting the Vietnam embassy in Hong Kong in order to have my visa processed. Are you able to tell me how much the visa costs? I am assuming I must have cash to pay in person as well?

Thank you!
vietnam visas

Myself and my partner are moving to Vietnam in November and are enquiring about the cost of 6 months and one year multiple entry visas. what would be the total costs including invitation letters etc....

thanks in advance,

Visa Question

I was just attempting to complete an online visa application for my wife travelling to Vietnam in October. While she is a Thai citizen and would not usually require a visa, her passport will expire in January and I wondered if by arranging an online visa beforehand she would still be able to travel. The trip of course is already booked.

Can you assist?

Kind regards
Vietnam Tourist Passport

I would like to apply in advance for a tourist Vietnam visa for my partner and I (travelling to Hanoi in October).

1. I will come to the embassy to do this however can you please confirm what I need to bring with me besides my passport? Passport photo x1 or x2? Please confirm what I need to bring.

2. What hours are you open? Are you open on weekends too?

3. Does my partner need to come with me or can you please email me the form in advance and I can bring the passports and applications and lodge for both of us? Or does he need to be there in person to lodge it with me?

Please confirm the above so I am prepared.
Hi there,

I have been working in Vietnam for one year and would like to get a new visa, although I know i won't be able to get a working visa. Is it possible to get a multiple entry tourist visa for 6 months?

I am currently living in HCMC and need to get a new visa from Cambodia before October 12th as mu landlady needs it for the police certificate.

Please can you let me know about the process and fee please.

Malta Vietnam Visa Fee

What is the stamping fee for 1 month single entry visa at the airport for citizens of Malta?
What about the fee you guys charge for the visa pre approval?

Vietnam /Cambodia Visa help needed

I wish to apply Vietnam visa for on arrival facility with your company. But i have one question regarding the same.

I am planning to visit Cambodia on 17th November 2016 exit Cambodia on 19th November 2016.
And then visit Vietnam on 19th November 2016 exit Vietnam on 26th November 2016.
Although my passport is going to expire on 30 May 2017 .
As per the rules minimum of 6 months passport validity is required to enter Camboda/Vietnam so back tracking it will mean till 30 Nov 2016 .
My passport is from India.

Will I be still issued EVisa (cambodia) / Visa on arrival(Vietnam) since my passport expiry is close to 6 months period ?

Passport expiry Date : 30th May 2017
Travel/Entry Date Cambodia : 17th November 2016
Exit Date Cambodia: 19th November 2016

Travel/Entry Date Vietnam : 19 th November 2016
Exit Date Vietnam: 26th November 2016

Response is appreciated.
Thanks for your help in advance !!
passport validity

I am from Malaysia, and using Malaysian passport. I am traveling to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam by 30 October 2016 until 06 November 2016. My passport will expire on 09 April 2017. If I am going to count by month from October 2016 to April 2017 that will be 7 months. I am still allowed to enter to Vietnam? At least how many months passport validity of my passport before entering Vietnam? Is it counted by number of month or by day number of days?

Thank you so much,
Question about airports

Hi, I have a ticket to Taipei Taiwan from USA (US citizen) for October 18th to November 9th. I'd like to go to Vietnam approximately between October 22-Nov 6th during this trip. I would be landing in Hanoi, but there is a layover stop in Saigon. So on the visa, would I be putting down that I would be coming in to Saigon, or to Hanoi, my destination? Would immigration and visa issuance be handled in Hanoi, or Saigon? I've never traveled internationally or gotten a visa before, so sorry if this is a silly question, but I'd like to know what to do.

Thanks very much and have a good day!
Inquiring information on a six month business visa

I am a citizen of Lithuana who has been to Vietnam before (I had a 3 month multiple-entry work-visa for Vietnam) but now have been home for a month, and would like to apply for a six months visa? What are my possibilities and how do I do that?

Thank you in advance.
Vietnam Visa Enquiry for Brazil Passport,

Please advise if I can apply a Business Visa for Brazil Passport holder online. If yes, how much and let me know the requirements.
inquiry visa to vietnam

Referral to our phone call today,

You ask me to send you email to get all information about how to get visa to visit Vietnam,
Please advise what is the requirements, and how many days I need to get the visa,
Nationality: Jordanian,

Looking forward to receive your reply as soon as possible,

Thanks and regards.
Visa Application

I traveled to Ho Chi Min lrom the 7th - 9th October with a group of friends on a 1 month single entry visa. Next month 24th - 27th November my daughter, husband and I will travel to Da Nang where we will stay in Hoi An. Do I now just apply for another single entry visa for myself and my family?

I thank you in advance for your help.
Good afternoon

I am organizing our company retreat at Danang, Vietnam from 17th January 2017 to 21st January 2017.

Flight will be in various different flight mostly KL-Ho Chi Minh- Danang.

11 of our staff hold Malaysian passport.
1 of our staff hold United Kingdom passport.

Do all of them need to apply VISA?

If yes, what is the procedures?

Thank you
Visa for Nepal passport

Can you send me price and process for Nepal passport please? I would
appreciate if you can send me information by tomorrow.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon! :)
Visa for argentinian passports

We are going on an organized cruise in January.
The boat is Norwegian Star.
On the 11/1 we will stop in Phu My (Ho chi minh city) and on the 12/1 we are in Nha Trang.
We have been told that we do NOT need to pre apply for a Visa as this will be organised on arrival.
We are of Swedish national and Argentinian national.
Can you please confirm if we need a pre-approved VISA or if a VISA on arrival will be given.
If we need, how do we proceed?

Best regards
please I will arrive in Ho Chi Minh City on 17th Nov with a month single entry visa and I will like to change it into 3 or more months even if it is still 3months single entry so if it is possible, how much and the duration, and the requirements for that.
Visa letter

I hope you are well. Can you please get me a visa,letter . I've attached my passport . Im arriving on the 20th of November into hcm airport. In the evening around 10pm.

And I'm departing on the 4th of December. Do you need anymore information?

Dear Sirs,

My Son, a Lebanese National, is travelling with his school from Dubai to Vietnam.
What is the procedure to get him a Visa (if needed)?

I would appreciate a reply from your side.

Many thanks and best regards
Visa application (urgent)

Please advise if visa is required for Thai passport holders to enter Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

How long is the processing time to apply visa on your website (normal / urgent basis)

Thanks and regards,
Applying for a extension or 1 Year Visa

My name is Ruiz, from Chile, and I want to apply for an extension, if it is possible one year.
Is it possible to do it now? And how much does it cost? Or do I have to go to another country then come back while applying for one year visa?
I'm volunteering in Hanoi, teaching english to kids.
You can check my information of my passport and visa in the pictures attached.

Best regards

Kindly please if possible to advice me upon my concern regarding a visit to Vietnam during the holidays in the month of January.
I would like to know if I will be allowed to enter Vietnam with one clean page left in my passport and also with place for the small stamp. My passport validity is up to 2018, but I have left only one page free.
Your advice will be of a great help.

Many thanks for your time!
Kindest regards
vietnam visa needed
am headed to Hanoi tomorrow night from Vientiane. Can you help arrange visa again for me?
urgent visa
I just applied visa for my colleague LIN. And I will still pay by Paypal.
Could you please tell me when can you send me the approval letter? Because it’s urgent. He must arrive in HCMC tomorrow. So better reveive it today.
I am a Danish citizen, living in the United States with a Green Card permanent visa. I am planning a trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand between January 14 and February 26, 2017.

According to the internet information I was able to find, there is visa exemption for Danish citizens visiting Vietnam for less than 15 days, and I can use "Laos visa on arrival" when I get to Laos. I plan to enter Laos either from Vietnam or Cambodia, not from Denmark.

Do I need to apply for a Vietnamese and Laotian visa before I leave the United States? I am confused.


We are two french citizens. We have a 3 months tourist visa that expires on 19th of december.

However, we have an opportunity to work in Can Tho in a foreign languages center as french teacher. The owner of the languages center is agree to hire us. There is specific procedure, we need first to get a 6months visa. After that the owner can make the procedure for the working permit.

As we need first a 6 months visa, is your travel agency could deliver a 6 months business visa?

Could you advise us with the procedure to follow.

Thank you in advance
Visa to Vietnam

Alejandro gave us your email. He told us you could help us with our visas for Vietnam.

We plan to travel to Saigon from Siem Rep (still not sure if by bus or by plane. Leaning towards bus, though) on december 26 and leaving for Tokyo on the 30th.

We need tourist visas for both of us (Juan Camilo Cardona and Julián Tamayo), and the regular service time would be fine.

Attached are pictures of our pasports with all of our information. If there's anything else yoy should need from us just let us know.

Waiting on your comments. Thank you very much.
This is Lee whom you arranged tourist single visa.

Plesae favor me by kindly asking guidance of travel agency on the following matter;

I left HCM on Nov 29, 2016 (no visa entrance) and can come back after 30 days from Nov 29 without visa for 15 days staying.

The reason I get visa this time is I entered HMC before 30 days since my last leaving on Nov 29 .

My question is, if I leave HCM tomorrow, may I come back on Dec 31 without visa becasue it has been passed 30 days since my last leaving HCM on Nov 29. (no visa entrance)

I stayed in HCM from Dec 24-29 based on visa.

visa changes

We got our visas through your service. Our visa approval letter number is 14670.
Now,due to the airline canceled our flight, we need to have our visa entry date to be changed from Jan.10th to Jan.8th, 2017 and the visa departure time changed accordingly. Please confirm this change by email immediately so that we can re-book our flight. The letter of Immigration department can follow.
Dear Janz, In this case, we have no choice but making new visas for you. Please reconfirm the details: - One month single tourist visa - From 8th Jan to 7th Feb, 2017 - Arrival airport: ? We will do it again for free though we will have to pay the fee twice.
Good morning.

May I trouble you to forward the link for Vietnam visa online application for Brazilian passport holder?

I also understand from Christina that you can provide an express service for meeting the passenger at the aircraft gate, to bring him to collect his visa stamp
Visa on Arrival
My name is Gal and I am holder of a Bulgarian passport.

I would like to know whether it would be possible to obtain a visa on arrival at one of the border stations between Vietnam and Laos.
The idea is to take an international bus from Hanoi to Luang Prabang, therefore I would like to know whether I would need to fill in an online application or the whole procedure could be done at the boarder.

Thank you very much in advance.
visa enquiry
my wife I myself will be travelling onboard a cruise ship visiting ho chi minh . nha trang in june 2017 .can you advise how we can apply for a visa online. we are both Australian citizens
Hello, I had a problem with my internet while o was applying for my Visa, I would like to know if the payment is already done or what could I do to continue with the process as soon as posible. Thank you so much.
1st visa application for Vietnam
I am currently organizing a business trip for our company, and two of our colleagues will go to Ho Chi Minh. They will stay there for two days.

Could you please tell if it is possible to obtain the visa online? Is it true that we can ask for a turist visa even if the purpose of the visit is business?

What are the documents needed in otder to obtain
Visa requirements for Thai national for a 5 day visit
I would like to know if a Thai citizen with Thai passport wanting to visit Vietnam (Ho Chi Min) for 6 day requires a visa.
If so can Visa be on arrival.

Le escribo por recomendación de Alejandro Zapata.
Necesito obtener una carta de aprobación para 2 personas para ingresar a Vietnam por Laos. ( tengo nacionalidad colombiana).

Usted me puede decir por favor cuánto vale? Cuánto se demora? y Cómo es el proceso?

Quedó atento a su respuesta y muchas gracias.

I'm going to stay at Vietnam for 42 days, but it was written at the website there that citizens of Malaysia is allowed to stay for not more than 30 days, what should I do ?
Visa advice, please
How are you? I hope you can help me with some Vietnam visa advice

My current Visa runs out on 13 Feb 2017. If I were here in Vietnam, I would get a work permit exemption and then residence card direct through the Danang Department of Immigration. Unfortunately, I am overseas from 28 Jan- 07 Feb and then need to go overseas again on a work trip on 12 Feb sp there is no time to renew my residency in the few days that I am back in Vietnam.

Please advise me on the following:

1. What is the cost for visa on arrival for 1 month; 6 months; 9 months and 1 year?
2. Is it possible to get multiple entry visa on arrival ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help,
Dear Sarah THanks for your email For Australian, you can apply following visa type 1. 1 month multiple tourist: US$ 25 2. 3 month multiple tourist visa: US$ 45 3. 6 month multiple business visa: US$ 250 4. One year multiple business visa: US$ 330 For one and three month visa, it takes 1 -2 working days to get visa issued, for 6 and one year visa, it takes 5 working days to get visa. Do you want to get visa at border or at the airport? We hope to hear from you soon






Request for 4 tourist visa for French
Today I would like to ask you if you could arrange 4 different tourist visa for 4 people from France for 1 month?

You find passport copies and the flight confirmations attached.

How much would it cost to get these 4 visa?

If you need any further documents, please just let me know.

Thank you already in advance!

Hi my name is Samson from Australia, my wife and I will visit HK on the 28th Feb.2017 and would like to join the HK tour to Vietnam, I was going to apply visa online but the travel agent really against it. If I apply the visa on the 1st March 2017 from Vietnam Embassy in HK , how soon can I get it stamp and how much in $HK. Tour is on the 6th March 2017 for 5 days. Thanks for your help.
Dear Samson Thanks for your email You can apply on our website to get visa on arrival. It will be no problem. Today most of people use visa on arrival to come to Vietnam because it is very convenient to do that You can also get visa at embassy, you need to come there to submit passport and other required documents to do. The time depends on Vietnam embassy/consulate, sometimes it takes few hours but sometimes it takes 2-3 days so we highly recommend you to apply online. To make sure there is no problem, you can call the airline which you book flights to Vietnam to ask for details. They will accept visa on arrival and you can get visa stamped at Vietnam airport Should you need any further information, please let me know
I hope you could help me in my inquiry, we have an expat coming from Laos and we need to know how to help him entering the country.

Could you please tell me the procedures and where to go?