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Fill in the Visa Application Form

Some notes to fill in the Visa Application Form to get Vietnam visa.


Please fill in the Application form truly and completely.


Section 1- Application Options

- Choose the right Vietnam visa types.


Section 1- Passport details

- Fill in your name as in your passport and separate your first name, last name and middle name.

- Select your gender

- Fill with your date of birth in Vietnamese date format: DD-MM-YYYY

- Fill in your current nationality as in your passport.

- Fill in the number of your passport with which you are applying for the visa. It should have at least 6 months of validity remaining from your exit date.


Section 2  - Contact and Travel Information

- Fill in your email address with which you want to receive your approval letter.

- Fill in an alternative email if applicable.

- Fill with your date of arrival by AIR, please check out this link for date of arrival explaination.

- Fill in your flight number. If you have not booked your ticket yet, you can leave the box blank. It is to verify that you will be arriving by air only.

- All other boxes below are optional, you can leave it unchecked.