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Getting Vietnam Visa For 6 Months Or 1 Year

A foreigner can get a 1-year or 6-month long-term Vietnam visa. However, under the new rules of the state agency, a 06-month or 1-year visa is only issued for the purpose of business or employment.

American nationals can obtain 01-year travel visas, but each time enter Vietnam, must only stay not more than 03 months. In excess of 03 months, such passengers must extend their visa or make an exit and enter again.

A long-term Vietnam visa can be gotten with the following 02 ways:

-          For the visa on arrival, the passenger will stamp the visa at Vietnam Embassy abroad or at Vietnam International Airport.

-          For the 1-year visa in Vietnam, which means that the passenger enters Vietnam, currently resides in Vietnam, and demands the long-term visa.

Each type of visa is gotten with a different way. Therefore, you should let us know your specific choice before obtaining a visa. We introduce visa procedures and the way of getting a visa as follows:

  1. The procedure of 6-month or 1-year Vietnam visa on arrival

To get a long-term visa in this way, you are in Vietnam or abroad. However, before obtaining the visa, you are compulsory to select a place for visa stamping such as at any international airports: Noi Bai, Da Nang and Tan Son Nhat or a Vietnam Embassy.

If you have a company in Vietnam as a guarantor, please let us know in order for us to prepare documents for the 01-year visa so that such company signs and affixes the company seal.

To get a visa, please send us the following information:

-          The passenger’s passport size photos

-          Expected date of Vietnam entry

-          A place for visa stamping

-          Visa processing time: 5-7 working days


-          You will have to pay the visa stamping fee of $ 135 at the airport or the embassy

-          You can stay in Vietnam during 01 year

-          The cost of our services is likely to change, please contact us for details.

-          When going to the embassy for visa stamping, you need bring 02 4x6-size photos with white background

-          You enter Noi Bai or Danang airport  please use our additional reception service at the airport, if doing, you would have our help for making procedures faster, and less prone to airport securitys harassment.

-          If you are in Vietnam, its compulsory for you to make an exit out of Vietnam and back entry for using the visa on arrival.

-          For Chinese or India nationals, we still process the 1- year visa on arrival

  1. II. The procedure for the 1-year visa issued in Vietnam

For the 1-year visa in Vietnam, it is only applied to persons entering recently at Tan Son Nhat or Moc Bai, border gates in the South.

Entry visa for the last time must appear the letter symbols of DN or LĐ.

Middle East or Africa nationals must have a Work permit for obtaining the 1-year visa.

1-year visa records as blow:

-          Original passport and visa of validity

-          Form NA5 with the companys seal and signature

-          Notarized Business Registration Certificate copy.

-          Visa processing time: 5-7 working days


-          You are not required to pay the visa stamping fee of 135$

-          It is not compulsory for you to make an exit out of Vietnam for the 1-year visa

-          If you don’t have any companies as a guarantor, we still issue the 1-year visa for you as usual

-          For Chinese or Indian nationals, we still issue the 1-year visa


We can issue a visa on arrival or grant a new 1-year visa in Vietnam for nationalities: Europe, Americas, Oceania, and Asia except the Middle East.

For further information, please contact us.


Comments + Q&A
I am living in Saigon, and I need to take the visa each 3 months. but now appeared one agency and offered for me 1 year visa!!! the cost is 350 dollars. I am Brazilian Citizen. May I believe them??? Is it possible???
thanks you so much for your comprehension and advice!!!
Dear Mr. Summer, Yes, we can also offer you 1 year business visa at $330. However, you will have to exit and entry again to get the visa stamped on arrival.
online visa
I am a Hong Kong SAR passport holder and will visit Hochiming City on Jan 27 (Chinese New Year Eve) arriving late probably around or after midnight. Is the office which processes the Visa on Arrival still open for me to collect the visa ?
I am a Nigerian and currently work here in Vietnam. I have a two-year resident card and work permit.
Can my husband get a one year visa. and what is the cost?
Or can he get Visa excemption since we are legally married.
visa inquiry
My name is Lindsay, I am a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport. In a few weeks I will be traveling to Hanoi with my boyfriend who has a year contract working in Hanoi.

I am wondering the cost and process for a ONE YEAR tourist/business visa. I will not be seeking employment in Vietnam.

Any advice or processing information would be extremely helpful and you may reply directly to this email!

Thank you very much!

We are two people from the UK, we would like a 1 year multiple entry visa. Can you tell me if this is possible with a British passport and how much it will cost?
Dear Jame, Thanks for your email We would like to confirm that British can apply 1 year multiple business visa in Vietnam The fee is as following 1 year visa: US$ 330 You need to send us Your passport copy Date of arrival The place where you want to get visa (At airports or at embassy) If you have sponsor company in Vietnam, please let us know It takes 7 working days to get visa issued Should you need any further information, please let us know

Good afternoon,
I am from Slovakia. I do not business. Is it possible to stay in Vietnam for 1 year or for minimum 6 month? If yes, what I have to submit to get visa? (what are conditions to get it?)
Thank you.
VOA for Vietnam
May I know process for voa letter for Vietnam. I am Pakistan national.
Visa on Arrival for Nha Trang possible?
we are going to Nha Trang for vacation and there is not enough time to apply for a visa in the embassy.

How can I get a Visa on Arrival at the Nha Trang airport?

I am Austrian citizen.
Dear G.Summer You can get Vietnam visa on arrival at Nha Trang airport Please apply your information at http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/apply/
Longer Visa

I am Australian and my wife and daughter are Vietnamese nationals ( they both live in Vietnam ) I travel allot for work but generally base myself in VN on tourist visas when not working.

My wife and I have an Australian marriage certificate as we where married their 4 years ago. My daughter is well into school now so travel for my wife is getting harder to be away from our daughter.

My wife and i both hold UK ancestry visa's in our specific passports as I work in the uk, but would like to spend more time with my family in Vietnam.

Can I apply for a 1 year o longer multi entry visa ( up to 3 years as I will need to renew my passport in 4 years )

It would need to be multi entry as I may be away for up to 3 months at a time with work but then return to Vietnam for a month or so with my wife and daughter.

My wife owns her property, but is dependant on myself.

If I can I may register later to work from Vietnam as a consultant but I need to review what is required apart from pay / declaring taxable income.

Can you please advise some options for myself on the above please if better to apply if I can for a one year or 3 years if possible and what is required.

Kind regards
Hi there, could you please advise me of the best way to obtain a 6 month visa for Vietnam, it doesn't seem so clear on the website! And is it possible to get it at a Linda border rather than airport?
Dear Sara,

Thanks for your email

May I know your nationality because six month multiple business visa is only available for some certain countries only?

If you come from United Kingdom, you can get 6 month multiple visa

The fee is US$ 330/person. You should to send us

Your passport copy
Date of arrival
The place you want to get visa stamped (At the airports or Vietnam embassies in foreign countries, if you get at border, you need the original visa approval letter and you just can get at Moc Bai border, not other borders )

It takes 5-7 working days to get visa issued

Should you need any further information, kindly let us know
I am a Philippine passport holder. Currently, I'm working here in Dubai and I want to visit Vietnam. Is it possible for me to get a 1 year tourist visa upon arrival? And how much does it cost?
Your answer will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

myself and my hus are indian citizen. My hus have a rep office licence in VN. My husbands mother is travelling to VN this sunday. We would like to get a resident card as she is likely tos tay for more than 6 months. So if she travels by tourist visa can we get a resident card. Or can she get 1 year single entry of multiple entry visa. PL reply
Please can i get six (6) months business visa.
Am a Ghanaian thanks
Hi, i am Indian National and have business trip for 19 weeks to Vietnam. Whats is the procedure of getting 1 year or 6 months Multiple Visa.

I was wondering about the one-year tourist visa and how the 3 month limit works. If I arrive in Vietnam, and leave the country and return before 3 months have passed, do I have another three months stay from the date I re-enter Vietnam? or do I have to leave at exactly 3 months from when I arrived? thank you
On the 1 year multi entry visa. What is the total amount of days that I am allowed to stay in the country in that year?
Dear Sirs or Madam,
Starting next year I wanted to rent a place in Nha Trang from November through May . I was planning on doing this yearly six months in the zUS six months in Nha Trang. Can I get a 1 year multiple entry the same way I do my visa on arrival when I visit fir short vacations?

What would the price be for such a visa

Thank you

Vincent Tardalo
How can I renew my 1 year travel visa? I’m American.
How much would a 6 month business visa cost?
Hello I am from Nepal how can I gate 1years visa can you give me suggestion at [email protected]
I’m Patrick à French citizen with French passport.
Is it possible to get a 1 year visa to live in Ho Chi Minh city without a sponsor company? I don’t plan to set up a company or to work as an employee. Is it possible then to get a 1 year visa? Thank you.