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Make 2 Year Visa For People Who Don't Have Guarantee Company

Foreigners are living and working in Vietnam who wants to do long term visa as stipulated by state agencies. They must have the guarantee of company, and offer of working.

The company will conduct of guarantee and complete the procedures to do visa card or long-term temporary residence card. It is usually 02 years. When finishing the duration visa, passengers can extend.

But for foreigners who don have company to guarantee in Vietnam. How can they do long-term visa for 02 years?

We divided passengers into different regions to show easily:

-          Passengers who have nationality of Middle East.

-          Passengers who have nationality of Africa,

-          Passengers who have nationality of Chinese

For passengers who don have company, they has selection to do long-term visa 01 years or 02 years

Long-term visa 1 year applies for passengers who have nationality of Europe, Americas, Oceania, Asia, except nationality of Middle East

Procedures for doing visa on arrival for 01 year as follow:

-          Scan the passports face of passenger who need to do visa

-          Expected date of entry

-          The place where passengers will apply for stamping visa: Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam International border gate will stamp

-          Profile guarantee of company if customers have company in Vietnam agreed to guarantee.


One year vietnam visa for Chinese citizens

Procedures for issuing the new visa for 1 year in Viet Nam:

-          The original passport is valid over 1 year.

-          Form NA5 of the guarantee company with the seal and signature (if any)

-          Confirmation of stay of local police.

-          Time for issuing visa for 1 year is 5 days of working.


After having visa 1 year, passengers can do visa 01year for relatives such as: wife, husband and children accompanying.

To do visa 01year for relatives, they must have the documents to show the relationship: birth certificate, marriage certificate, household book and they must be legalized and notarized translation.

With visa 01 year, it doesn’t apply for nationality of Middle East and Africa

So to do long-term visa for nationality of Middle East and Africa, what will they do? And which countries belong to that list?

To do long-term visa 02 years, we need the following procedures for passengers

-          Health Certificate

-          Confirmation no criminal conviction

-          University degree and the relevant training certificates

-          Confirmation of work experience abroad

-          Copy of whole passport

All the above documents must be certified of consulate of that country and Vietnamese Embassy abroad. Then passengers send to Vietnam for us.

Later we will conduct to do visa on arrival for passengers to enter Vietnam. After passengers entered we carry out doing long-term visa for 02 years.


-          If passengers are in Vietnam, they should tell us the current visa is valid for how long, what is the current symbol of visa? Current residence of passengers.

-          If passengers agree to do and these documents can be provided, please let us know and we can prepare the forms and send passengers.

-          If passengers have company in Vietnam, please send business registration of that company for us.

-          Time to do visa 2 years for passengers may be extended to 02 months.

-          If passengers have documents, please notify for us and scan these documents then send to email.

-          Passengers are overseas, procedures and costs for doing visa 2 years will be little change.


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