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Visa to Vietnam

* When to apply?

Visa to Vietnam can be applied up to 3 months as maximum in advance of your intended date of travel to Vietnam. Applicants are strongly advised not to confirm their travel arrangements to come to Vietnam until they have received their visa.

* How to apply?

There are 7 required steps to complete the visa application process. You are advised to read through the application steps set out below before making your visa application to make sure that you are clear about the procedure and requirements.

Step 1 - Check if you need a visa to Vietnam

Contact us at our 24/7 hot line 84-974-137-281 or send your email to Support@vietnamvisaonline.net. At presents, some Vietnam visa sites required clients use the Check Nationality Tool. Yet, for more accuracy and flexibility, you should contact our Customer Service Department for more advice and details. Online help will be much better than just an automatic tool!

Step 2 - Read the information on your visa category

Before deciding to apply for a visa to Vietnam, please make sure you familiarize yourself with the information on the visa category you are applying for. Quick links to information on visa categories and other helpful information can be found on the Visa Information page on this website. You may also want to read the Immigration Rules as your visa application will need to meet these requirements.

Step 3 - Complete your visa application form

You should submit 1 visa application for each individual applying for a visa, including children. Please ensure that you select the correct visa application for the purpose of your visit

- Complete the secure and automatic application form in English

- Ensure that you complete all the sections correctly. If you make a mistake in filling in any of the sections, you will need to make another application or notice us by an email.

Step 4 - Pay your visa application fee

Please see the Visa fee on our website for information about how to pay your visa application fee and a full list of the fee categories.

Step 5 - Wait for Vietnam Immigration Dept decision

You can use processing times as a guide to our recent performance, although it cannot be used as a guarantee of your individual visa application processing time. You can also use the free check status facility on this website to find out the progress of your visa application. Visa applications are assessed individually and processing times may vary.

Step 6 - Receive the visa approval letter for your visa request

We will inform you when your documents are ready for collection. If you are traveling in a group, we will send the visa approval letter to the nominated personal email address.

Now, it is your turn to check again to make sure:

- Your personal details are correct
- It correctly states the purpose for which you want to come to Vietnam
- It is valid for the date on which you want to travel. (You can ask for it to be post-dated for up to three months if you do not plan to travel immediately).

Step 7 - Prepare your documents

- Prepare 02 latest passport-sized photos (in color, 4*6cm size, with a face straight forward)
- Show this printed approval to the Airlines when you get on board.


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Need some info and help
Hi, I was born in Norway but my mother and father is Vietnamese .. my father and mother lives in Norway. My parents were born in Vietnam. But they moved to Norway before I was born. And now I want to live in Vietnam and maybe get married there. I am not a spouse/children of a Vietnam passholders, but my mothers family live there. I have also a boyfriend there. We have been in a relationship over 4 years. Do I have the right to get a 5 years visa exemption certificate in Vietnam? And how?

Can you vietnamese to? It would have been great if you could reply in vietnamese. :)

Thank you in advance.