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Vietnam visa on arrival for Africa and Middle East passport holders

Not like other countries such as Europe and America, it is a little bit difficult to apply Vietnam visa for African and Middle East passport holders. The criminal rate of people who came from Middle East and Africa is reported to be higher than other countries, this may be the reason why the Vietnam government and immigration department gave strict rules for those countries. They require many documents to issue visa for them, it also takes much time than usual. Normally it only takes 1-3 working days to get visa issued but for these countries, it takes 5-7 working days

After applying your visa information, African and Middle East passports you need to send following documents to visa agency

- The passport copy

- Returned flight tickets

- Hotel bookings

- Travel schedule.

The fee for Africa and Middle East is more expensive. It is US$ 150/person for single entry visa. For other types of visa, please contact us for details

In case your visa is rejected, we will refund you 100% via Credit card or Paypal


The division of the country in the Middle East and Africa based on the number of citizens of that country who come to Vietnam and break Vietnams laws less or much, if it is much, it will be divided into Africa region, if it is less, it will be Middle East.



















Burkina Faso






Côte dIvoire













Saudi Arabia

South Sudan








United Arab Emirates (UAE)




Republic of Congo


Sri lanka

Democratic Republic of Congo



Central African Republic







Sierra Leone









Cabo Verde












São Tomé và Príncipe












Ceuta và Melilla












Saint Helena




Comments + Q&A

This content is clearly enough for us to avoid the mistakes when apply for Vietnam Visa. Thanks!

We do not know why you list Korea into Middle - East list? Why is it so difficult to make Korea visa while it is very easy to make visa to Europe?
Hi DAE HO KIM, Do not get angry and blame for Vietnam immgration department. Vietnam Immigration department always give easy conditions for tourists to go to Vietnam, for example they give Vietnam visa on arrival online. But there are many people from your country break Vietnam's laws such as murder, rob, cheating, fight after they come Vietnam so the immigration department listed your country as the difficult nation to make visa
You mean the same way white people do? This is just a way to discriminate against people based on social class and oohh check the stats Nigeria and some middle east countries are way better than the slump you call a country
I am from Kenya and would like to apply for a tourist VISA to Vietnam. If I do not have a company guarantee, can I get a guarantee from my host ? who is based in Vietnam ?
Dear Ndungu Kiriro, we can make visa on arrival for you, you just need to send us your flight ticket information, traveling schedule and scanned passport
What is the meaning of the countries indicated with (K)......For example, Mozambique (K) Any idea please?
Dear Dotter Binner, (K) symbol could not make visa before, but now we can make Vietnam visa for all nations all over the world.
HI , Jessica Lee,

It was nice to talk to you. Thank you very much for your advices and kind information.

I am from Nepal, I have traveled more than 25 countries so far and we always want to respect to the people and the rule and regulations as we travel to. Right now I am in Laos, visiting here and doing sight-seeing. Just before received a visa for Cambodia and would like to visit Vietnam first. As we have visa for Thailand ( was taken in Nepal, double entry ) it would be great if we could receive Visa easily. I have travel and trekking company in nepal and would like to make a business contact chain in Vietnam, Malaysia wherever we find best deal for our mutual benefit, explore new destinations, know the culture, nature etcs. As very much interested to make our journey from Vietnam to Malaysia by ship. As you know Nepal is a Himalayan Paradise ,but we do not have sea. It would be great to have such experience. Would like to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Kindest regards,
DB karki
I want a ture visa
But Nigeria is not middle East African, one again thank you, for hearing from you again, I appreciated. Thanka
hi dear Mr/s,

i am a world traveler from Iran and now i want to see your beautiful country , please help me about What documents do I need to provide and send to you for Vietnam Visa?

best regard
I hold a Pakistani Passport, work in Saudi Arabia and travel regularly on business and pleasure to the Gulf, China and the EU - I am of the opinion that the documents required by the Vietnam Embassy are the basic documents required by any country for Visa purpose.
I want visit visa
Dears, I'm turkistan nationality, I born in Afganistan on 1964 hold Afgan Passport. but we all live in Saudi Arabia since 1972.
I'm not Afgan culture and I don't know anything about Afgan.
I want to enjoy my vacations in Vietnam.
Kindly I need your support on issuing me Tourist Visa.
Best Regards
I think visas to Vietnam for women should be made much easier for middle eastern and African passport holders. Women rarely commit much crime.
How much I will give to airport stamp fee ? for Kenya citizens
Dear Ela The fee at the airport is US$ 45/person for 1 month single
Please provide platform for me to pay $431 balance after paying $18 online fee
Visa on arrival online,

Please advise the cost for VOA for South African citizens and the process as well.

Thank you
Dear Mr. Ba, The fee to make 1 month single for South African is US$ 19/person It takes 2 days to get visa issue Best regards
Viet Nam Visa,
I am Shakhawat, from Bangladesh and I have Bangladeshi passport. I would like to visit Vietnam for tourism purpose. Would you please tell me what is the procedure ?
From your website I came to know that I can apply for Immigration clearance by paying $18.99.
I am ready to pay this money online. But would you tell me how much time I need to get my immigration clearance after paying this money ?
And do I need any other supporting documents for applying immigration clearance ?
waiting for your reply

Dear Shakhawat, Warmest Greetings from Vietnam Visa Online! Could I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Jessica Lee, the team support of Vietnamvisaonline.net? I am writing to you to confirm that we have received your visa inquiry However your nationality - Bangladesh is listed as limited nationality when applying Vietnam visa. You can see the list of limited countries at: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/article/vietnam-visa-tips/vietnam-visa-on-arrival-for-africa-middle-east/ Because the rules cause the difficulty and more requirement so it takes time, effort and fee to make visa for Bangladesh passport holder.. This is also why the fee to make visa for you is more expensive than other unlimited countries like UK, Canada, Germany, America, etc. It costs US$ 150/person to make one month single entry You also need to send us following documents - Your scanned colour passport - Your hotel booking, return flight ticket, and traveling schedule in Vietnam - It takes 7 working days to get approval visa. Please click following link to make the balance then we will make visa for you http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/payment-online.html. We are looking forward to hearing from you Best regards
Please I want to confirm how much is the visa processing fee for Nigerian nationals and how many days it takes to process and if I can apply online here. I am resident in Malaysia. Thanks.

Visa on arrival, I want to confirm before I do the payment. If I Can get the visa online as I am Holding Syrian passport, but have residency in the UAE. So is it possible to get the visa online. And if not what is the best way to get the visa in UAE. REGARDS.

Dear Amr,Warmest Greetings from Vietnam Visa Online! It costs US$ 120/person to make one month single entryYou also need to send us following documents- Your scanned colour passport  - Your hotel booking, return flight ticket, and traveling schedule in Vietnam- It takes 7 working days to get approval visa, once you have approval letter you can fly to Vietnam and get visa on arrivalPlease click following link to make the balance then we will make visa for you .http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/payment-online.htmlWe are looking forward to hearing from youBest regards

I am a Pakistani seeking to apply for a Vietnam Visa Approval Letter for myself and my mother for vacation for a 1 month single entry visa.

I would be grateful if you could confirm the fee and duration of the processing to me.

Thanks and regards,
Hi Jessica,
Once you recieved the documents and the payment is the visa approval letter guranteed? How should we send these documents to you? We are coming to Vietnam and leaving from Cambodia. So the returned flights are booked from Cambodia and We have a hotel booking for one night near the HMC airport. Is this sufficent ? Visiting a country should not be this hard, but I understand your point.

Thank you
Hi Jessica, Once you recieved the documents and the payment is the visa approval letter guranteed? How should we send these documents to you? We are coming to Vietnam and leaving from Cambodia. So the returned flights are booked from Cambodia and We have a hotel booking for one night near the HMC airport. Is this sufficent ? Visiting a country should not be this hard, but I understand your point.
Thank you
Dear Sirs,

I’m a German national living in London UK.
I would like to travel with my friend who is a Kenyan national living in Nairobi/Kenya

We have been travelling many times in Asia before ( Thailand/Indonesia)
And have booked two flights to Bangkok already for end of January,

For this trip we would like to visit Vietnam together.

A. Is it possible to get an online Visa for Mr. John / Kenyan ?
B. for Mr. Die /German ?
C.what are the costs for the visas ?

best regards
Dear Die, Warmest Greetings from Vietnam Visa Online! Could I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Jessica Lee, the team support of Vietnamvisaonline.net? I am writing to you to confirm that we have received your visa inquirt We would like to answer your question as following 1. A. Is it possible to get an online Visa for Mr. John Felix Riungu Ngiri / Kenyan ? >> Yes, it is possible to make visa online for Mr. John Felix Riungu Ngiri - Kenya passport holder 2 B. for Mr. Dieter Schindler/German ? Yes it is possible to make visa online for Mr. Dieter Schindler/German - If you stay in Vietnam less than 15 days, you even do not need Vietnam visa because Germany passport holders are exempted from Vietnam visa in 15 days C.what are the costs for the visas ? The fee for one month single entry visa for Kenya is US$ 150/person and for Germany is US$ 19/person To make visa for you, you need to send us - Your passport copy - Visa type you want to make - Date of departure, date of return In case the Mr. John Felix Riungu Ngiri has returned flight tickets, please send us. The visa is issued based on flight tickets in some cases It takes 7 days to make visa for Mr. John Felix Riungu Ngiri and one or two days to make visa for Mr. Dieter Schindler Should you need any further information, please let us know Best regards
Dear sir/madam,

I like to visit vn next Feb 2016.
As you made my visa before so I like to order you again for this time travel.

This time I like to make 3 months multiple entry visa from 5Th February 2016.

Ms. Xuan will pay you for my visa fees. Pls settle down with her with your minimum cost.

Thanks n regards
Dear Ms. Xuan Thanks so much for your email We have got your request We will make 3 month multiple and send you shortly Should you need any further information, please let us know Have a nice day Best regards
I'm from South Africa and travelling on a South African passport, is that still ok for obtaining the visa into Vietnam ?
Can you tell which documents i need to provide for a month of tourist visa to Vietnam.
I want you to apply letter from ministry for visa. Do you provide visa services to citizens of Pakistan

I want to apply by today. Can you tell how long it will take for Pakistani Citizen.
I am in Cambodia these days and last month I had pleasure of travelling to Vietnam before (October 14 to Nov 7, 2015) but spent time in northern part of country and this time i want to travel to southern part. I am travelling with my friend from Lithuania.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to visit Vietnam for Tourism and some business research. I am Afghan citizen and I would like to get online and on arrival visit visa to enter Vietnam. A friend of mine, Mr. Shiran Jellani will also travel with me.

Could you please provide your services to get Vietnam visa?
Our HQ has secured new business in Vietnam and my colleagues, Mr Subrata will need to travel to Vietnam more often to support us on technical issues.

We need longest validity

I would like to know if Bahraini passport holders needs visa for Vietnam and how much that cost
Good day,

my name is Azubike, a citizen of Nigeria.
I visited Vietnam early last year(march to be precise) with one month business visa, i want to find out if you can process APPROVAL LETTER for my visa pickup at the vietnamese embassy here in Nigeria, how long it will take to get me the approval letter, and the cost of the processing?
Purpose of visit:- business
Length of stay:-one month
I will be thankful if my inquiries can be given avid response

I am Rasika Balachandra holding a sri Lanka passport.I am planning to visit Vietnam end of the month and would like to get single entry 1 month visa.

Can you let me know the processing free and required Documents.


Sent from my iPhone Hello Sir Madam Greeting from Pakistan I am KUma from Pakistan I want visit in your country so kindly need your favour regarding visit visa Is it possible for me , I shall be very thanks full too you sir Please send me details Kind regards

Dear Sir,

We are one of the leading companies in Karachi, Pakistan, deals in the manufacturing
Dear Sir/Ma,

Good day to you all and how are you doing , hope you are fine and good
? I would like to know if we can work together for good . I run a
travel and tour agency in Nigeria and i have some clients trying to
spend their holiday and vacation in Vietnam. I would like to know if
you could arrange complimentary Visa Approval Letter for all my
clients to be able to get a tourist visa for their vacations at
Vietnam embassy here in Nigeria and you will be the one to provide
their hotels and tour guide.

I also have some clients who wants to come to Vietnam for business
transactions , meaning to place order for export from Vietnam to
Nigeria. I want to know if you can make a visa support letter , Visa
approval letter or provide a tour package to enable them get their
visas to Vietnam.
hi I'm Bangladesh citizen.i traveled to Vietnam two times before with tourist and business visa.now i want to get 3 month of single entry business visa.i already applied to another agency but they told me it take 7-8 days but i think they working very slowly.7 days passed till now they didn't do anything. that agency sent 7 kinds of documents to my friend company in hcm she also completed all.signature also put stamp. could you tell me how much fee of 3 month single entry visa also how many days it take to complete?
Dear Ms Jessica,

I have made the payment through the link you provided as requested and the new order Id is 188......

I would like to request for the visa to be approved by Monday 25 April 2016 as our travel date is on 26 April 2016.

I also have some questions regarding this visa.

1. The Visa we applied is to Hanoi Airport. Are there any requirements if we travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, do we need to obtain a visa to travel within Vietnam?

2. As my Visa is stating that I will arrive at Hanoi. What if I book my flight to Ho Chi Minh instead, do I need to change the visa status arriving to Ho Chi Minh City as well?

Your respond is highly appreciated. Thank you

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am from Afghanistan since there is no Vietnam embassy in our country therefore I applied for online visa, but I received reply that your office can not process Vietnam visa for Afghanistan this time, is it possible to guide me how to apply Vietnam visa online.

I left Vietnam today on May 6th before my Visa expire of May 7th. Thanks so much for help earlier
for getting visa and extension. I am in Cambodia now.

I was wondering now if its possible to get 3 month business visa now for $120 you mentioned earlier.

Can you tell what documents you need and how i can pay you and how lone it might take?

Thanks again for help.

Good morning,

I've just called you because I have a problem with my visa extension. I arrived in Vietnam the 24th of February 2016 and my visa is expiring the 21st of May 2016. I'm doing an internship in Vietnam so I need to stay 3 more months in Ho Chi Minh City. I would like to know what I have to do and how I can have a vietnamese visa again.
I have a togolese passport, a country in West Africa.
Can you give me information about this please?


vietnam visa on arrival for egyptions

Hi . i am Mostafa from Egypt. and i want ask about how to get visa for vietnam online . i hope you can provide me with information about it . thank you

I am a Pakistani citizen, I have been accepted in an AIESEC Exchange program in Vietnam. I would be provided with invitation letter and accomodation letter too, along with a sponsor who is responsible for managing this internship.
Do i just apply for the visa online or I would have to visit your consulate in our country? I need a multiple entry visa for a month.
Visa Application
Dear Mr./Ms.,

I would like to get a business visa in Vietnam for 3 or 6 moths... How much will it cost and how long does it take ?... knowing that i have Egyptian nationality. Thank you

I'm looking to get business or tourist visa more than 6 month. I'm coming from Sri Lanka. So if you could let me know the possibility and the procedure for this, it will be a great help for me.

Hi,i'm from pakistan and living in china,i want to visit laos and cambodia and i couldnt find anything that helps me to get visa of these countries.please tell me the procedure.

We are 3 person(Family with wife and son 3 years) want to visit Vietnam.I want to get pre visa approval letter from you to submit Vietnam embassy at dhaka.How it will cost for us.Can u pls let me know?We are Bangladeshi passport holder planning to go July.

Im from iraq, i want a Vietnam visa multiple entry

Do you guys book visas for Iraqis?!
And how much does it cost please?!
This is Hoque from Bangladesh. I have Visited almost 20 countries around the world. I want to visit Vietnam as a tourist.
I am writing this e-mail for some information about Pre Approval. I would like to know:
1. As in your website, its mention to apply online and pay for payment, should I make the payment? will I face any trouble while making payment or receiveing my Pre Approval?
2. What is the processing time?
3. Is there any other formalities, that I should follow?
Thank you in Advance.

Best Regards,
Visa Code Request
Dear Sir/Madam,
The management of Geo consultant Ltd Sierra Leone will like to send
some of our stafff for two weeks vacation tour package in Vietnam.
Please can you send me the cost and requirements to get the Visa code
for Nigeria passport. Awaiting your kind reply.

I am looking to travel to Vietnam in mid June along with 6 other friends for tourist/vacation purposes. 6 of us have Pakistani passports while one has a British passport. I wanted to ask is the service of online visa applicable on our pakistan passports?

If you could get back to me asap it would be greatly appreciated.
i live and work in seychelles but am from Nigeria . i want to visit vietnam for 7day with my wife . she is from seychelles here and am from nigeria
i try applying for visa letter here but i was told that Nigerians are not given visa on arrival . And there is no vietnam embassy here in seychelles.
Am writing to you to see if there should be a help for me to get the visa letter so i can come with my family cos i dont want them to come alone .
hoping to hear from you soon thanks.
best regards
I have some TA from Bangladesh who are working with us to provide client to Vietnam
I wonder could you please advise on “immigration Clearance” for Vietnam for Bangladeshi Citizen and the best price for this service
Every month they can send 5-12 pax to Vietnam
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you
I am a citizen of Bangladesh currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I would to travel to Vietnam, Hanoi via air on 6th July. Is it possible to apply for E-visa with my passport? I would be staying in Hanoi for around 15 days. How long will it take to get the approval and how much will it cost?

I would really appreciate a quick response.

Thank you for your cooperation.

To Whom it may concern, I am a visa and travel coordinator for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am fairly new at applying for visas for young people going to Vietnam to do service for 18-24 months. I have a concern about an exemption visa that was issued to a traveler that I represent. His name is Jacob Rex Staheli and was issued a Certificate of Exemption 3 May, 2016 and the number is BA 0. We applied online and sent a birth certificate but with further information I wonder if he should have a different kind of visa? .. He said that his grandfather and grandmother were US citizens living in Vietnam when his parent was born there.. Reading through the requirements for an exemption visa (previous Vietnamese citizen, or a Vietnamese person living abroad, or the spouse/child of one of those) and the requirements for Vietnamese citizenship (children born of two expat parents are generally not eligible--I don't know about pre-1975 laws), I am surprised that he was granted an exemption visa. But apparently he was. He is bringing a certified copy of the birth certificate, to Vietnam, that was submitted with the application, which he says is a US embassy issued certificate of a foreign birth, so he can use it when he needs to meet with the people in Vietnam. We want to honor the embassy and the visas you issue and we would not want to take advantage. Please let me know if we should apply for a different visa at this time or if he should get a different one when he is in county. He is supposed to travel to Vietnam 11 July.

He sir I am leving in France I have 10 years Residents Card of France. And i have Travel Document of France. I am Pakistani national But I don't have Pakistan passport Because i am a Refugee politics Now in France have 2 month Vocationas. I want visit Vietnam and Laos. Please give me information for visa tourist for holder french travel document holder Thanks Maree Baloch Rais FRANCE
Hi, I am a Bangladeshi citizen, currently living in thailand.
I am coming to Hanoi tomorrow via air and my visa is from 14th July to 21st July.
I would like to extend my visa for one more week. Is it possible to extend my visa and how much would it cost?

I have attached my invitation letter below.

My name is Haris. I am a Pakistani passport holder living and studying in Malaysia. I want to travel vietnam from Malaysia just for vacations.

I have some questions, kindly help me

1) Can i travel vietnam by just getting Online visa approval letter?
2) Can i apply online visa of vietnam from Malaysia?
3) How many working days it may take to get me visa approval letter?
4) Is it safe for a Pakistani passport holder to get visa on arrival at airport??
5) After getting visa approval letter, can i fly to Vietnam from Malaysia? Or i must need to fly to vietnam from Pakistan???

I am looking forward to read from you soon. Kindly help me and answer my all questions, i will be thankful to You...
Dear Support Team,
Pls advise with the attached dox can I submit the visa application to the Embassy or I need to apply online to your website for approval letter, I want to visa stamp Vietnam embassy in my country .. attached Registered application from in Ministry of foreign affairs in Vietnam., my passport copy
Hello, sir, my name is Muhammad I am from pakistan , I need visa for vietnam. I am in nepal now because there is no cambodian embassy in like to visit vietnam and get visa for cambodia .i already visit to cambodia two time . Both visa I got from Laos and Laos visa I got from Indonesia but these all visa are single visa only. On 15 July I went from cambodia to dubai to nepal so there is no embassy so vietnam is my first visit if I get visa . Thanks.
Greetings from tour Bangladesh
I Kazi is the Visa Processing Officer of Tour, Bangladesh, the premiere tour operator of Bangladesh operating with reputation since 1992.

One of our client group wants to visit Vietnam for tourism, As per viet-nam visa requirement for Bangladeshi citizen I need pre-approval of Immigration letter for them, So I want to know how can I get it, Please advise me.
Warm regards
Visa requirements

I will be travelling to vietnam for 10 days from thailand. I am an irish citizen with an irish passport. I have return flights booked also. Do i need a visa for a 10 day visit, for tourism purposes?
online vize
I have received your mail and I have some questions about how I can get a visa?

Do I need to go to the visa office in Turkey after I do my application and pay my money? How the process is going to be like? What should I do after I send my passport scanning, flight and hotel booking informations?

If you help me, I would really appreciate to you.
Hello Miss,

This is Imran from Pakistan.It was a pleasure working with you in the past, I hope you remember me.
I am contacting you 3rd time for visa in Vietnam (tourist visa with multiple entries for 3 months).

I want to apply for my visa today as soon as possible because I need to fly in Saigon next week.

How many days it takes for visa to be released?

Looking forward to reading your answer as soon as possible.

Thank you.
To whom it may concern,

Please I need to know what is the Vietnam visa requirements to take visa
Want to know the peice for one month single entry for Ghana passport holder.thank u
Hi,i'm pakistani citizen and want to travel southeast countries,there is no Vietnam embassy in pakistan but i applied online,filled the form but when i click on payment option the page didnt open,can i apply online or i have to go Vietnam embassy in beijing cos i am living in china,i guess so.
Have a nice day.
Enquiry about Ghana passport holder for visa to Vietnam

I will be glad to know the requirements for Ghana passport holder, approval letter fee and time of processing.
Hope to hear from you
Visa for Sri Lankan

I am from Sri Lanka. I need to travel to HCMC next month. I have been to Vietnam a few times, on business visa as well as tourist visa.
I am currently working in Bangladesh as a Consultant and I would like to come from here before going to Sri Lanka to visit my son, who is studying in RMIT University, HCMC.

Please advise whether I can apply for on-line visa on arrival.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

about e-visa for Bangladesh passport holder

i'm bangladeshi citizen i'm able to apply vietnam e visa in your wap sites
about e-visa for Bangladesh passport

i'm bangladeshi citizen i'm able to apply vietnam e visa in your wap sites
Apply visa online?

Please find attached copy of my passport.

I'm living in Hanoi. My current visa is Tourist visa and it will expire on September 16.
So I'd like to apply business visa. I saw on your website only 3 months maximum. But I would like to apply long term if possible.

In case, I can't get long term visa, I will apply for 3 months business visa.

PS: how about extend tourist visa?

Thank you!
Vietnam visa requirements

I wish to apply for Vietnam visa at embassy of Vietnam here in Abuja,
Nigeria. Do you offer approval letters for Nigerians? If yes, what are
the procedures for Nigerians? Also, can a Nigerian apply for visa on
arrival? I await your reply asap.

Vietnam visa for 9 Ghanaian anseco one Nigeria

We urgently required 3months business visa for 9 Ghanaian and one Nigeria in to Vietnam for business. I will like to know if is possible for us to secure visa on the arrival. 5 of the them will be leaving on Saturday 3rd September, 2016. The remaining will leave on the 7th September,2016.

Please advise

I want visit Vietnam by Tan Son Nhat airport

purpose of visit : business but single enter

I have contract with company in there, they provide me letter invitation

I am Iraqi citizen- Kurdish

Can I get Vietnam Visa on arrival ?

Visit visa for 1 month
I am glad to inform you that I like to visit Vietnam. My arrival date
will be 07.010.2016.
As you worked for my visa earlier many times so I would like to
request again apply visa on arrival for 01 Month from 07.10.2016. My
wife will pay you upon confirm from you.

For further anything pls send me email.

Thanks n Regards
Entry Visa

I need Vietnam tourist visa entry clearance letter for Liberia
passport, I need the cost of the visa entry clearance letter and your
method of payment, Finally i also want to know the processing time.
Hope to hearing from your office ASAP.

Need help & Details Information for Vietnam on Arrival Visa & Application Procedure for Tourist Visa,
I am Mohammad, I am citizen of Bangladesh, I have completed my Graduate & now I am working in Bangladesh a well established esteemed private limited company as a good position. My hobby is tour & travel different country & places to got different acknowledges & ideas about many things. I had already visited JAPAN, INDIA, SRI LANKA, MALDIVES & MALAYSIA 2 times. And I also wanted to visited so many countries. Now I am wanted to visit VIETNAM.
So, can you help & give me details information for Vietnam visa & application procedure for Tourist Visa as a Bangladeshi citizen please?
I am waiting for your information, help & cooperation please.?
Your kind cooperation will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Vietnam visa for bangladeshi passport

Im farid ahamed,from bangladesh.im private job employee. Already i have visited india,Indonesia, Malaysia, now i want to visit Vietnam.
May i know from you that can i get on arrival visa from your country?
In Bangladesh have no embassy or consulate for Vietnam.
Kindly inform me that how can i visit Vietnam.
Yours most
Pre-approval letter
I am a Bangladeshi citizen and would like to visit Vietnam shortly. Can you please confirm the cost of Pre-approval letter for 3/6 months multiple entry tourist/business visa?

​If its of any use- I visited VN once in July 2017. Thanks.​
Visa assistant
I'm call Blake, Cameroonian by nationality please i wish to travel to Vietnam and I also wish to know if it's possible for me to use your service,to obtain Vietnam visa thanks
Kind Regards

One year business visa to vietnam
I'd like to get the one year business visa.
I want to know how much it costs.
I'm from Egypt.
Visa for Bangladeshi National

I am Bangladeshi national; I have travelled to Vietnam more than 20 times since 2009 for business purposes.

I would like to check is it possible to apply through your website and few questions regarding this;
Are you able to provide VOA letter for me in 5working days?
If yes, what would be the cost and how should I apply?
Is the Amex accepted?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
Is only visa open to all African national
I want a visa on arrival to Vietnam.want to if it is open to Nigeria citizens.if so I want to know if u can get me one.
Information about holidays visit visa
With due respect I am Dr muhammad amin holding Pakistani passport working in saudi arabia since long time. I would like to visit Vietnam next month during my holidays please can you help to get visa online and on arrival stamps.
Please let me know how can I get on arrival visa and how much will be the cost if you will send me that approvals letter.
visa Assistant
Good day Sir /Madam, I'm a Cameroonian and I wish to visit Vietnam with my friend.I don't know if I can use your services to obtain the Vietnam tourist visa,hope to hear from you thanks
Best wishes
Visa to Vietnam for Iraqis

Kindly note that the United Nations Industrial Development Organization is planning a mission to Vietnam for 5 Iraqis, on 9 November 2016.
In this regard, I would highly appreciate your prompt advise on the best way to grant the visa, as there is no embassy located in Baghdad.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Best Regards,

Greetings again It's almost visa time but I ,of course, have a question. I have a friend from Haiti who speaks excellent French and English and is wanting to teach in Viet Nam. Is the Vietnamese visa a problem for a Haitian?

I am requesting for a visa to visit your city, Ho Chi Minh, for one week, 19-25 Nov 2016, with my wife. We are already on visit in Cambodia, and wish to visit your city before returning to Cambodia to complete our visit there. I received a new visa card which I have not activated, so it cannot be used to pay for the Processing Fees. Can I pay cash on arrival at the Ho Chi Minh air port?

Thanks very much.
Visa code for iran passport
I am looking for a 6 month visa for me and my friend, both irish passport holders. can you give me a total price for multiple entry and single entry
Urgent for visa vietnam!!!
Accept regards from this end.l have some one who wants to come to Vietnam from Cameroon.Can we still do her visa ? If yes what do you need ?
Yours Sincerely,
Urgent Please

I am Youssef EL, Moroccan nationality.

I need just know i can get 6 months or 1 year for visa to Vietnam

Cuz i want to request for visa but i saw just 3 months that's why i asked you.

Please tell me if i work in there i will live there for long time, and if i just works by online can i have something for live there for long time than what i get from visa.

Thanks so much

"im a Bangladeshi visiting Malaysia soon but cn I attain Vietnamese visa from Malaysia as a Bangladeshi plz let me know soon!"
VOA Inquiry vietnam
Good evening! I would like to inquire, whether Afghan passport holders can apply for VOA to Vietnam. Thank you!

I am a Ghanain passport holder. I have an offer to study at RMIT
Vietnam. What other documents do I need to submit for visa at the
Vietnam embassy.
Thank you.
Need visa
I am from south korea i need visa for travel to vietnam.can u help for that
Me waiting for reply.
My natinalty is pakistani nd in past i recive visa already from you.now want again
Dear sir
Please I. Am from Egypt
We haven't loas empassy here in Egypt
Can I get visa on arrival
Please reply to me as soon as possible
I am Ya and I am planning to come to Vietnam next week for 45 days.
I am a Sri Lankan passport holder and I am planning to come via HCMC airport.
Is is possible for me to get it done before next week?

Dear sir,
Please confirm if you can arrange business visa for Pakistani nationals . We have group of 25-30 people .

Please share documentation required and charges .
tourist visa
i would like to inform your good office that i am bangladeshi but working in saudi arabia if i apply for tourist visa can i get within oneday or one month arrival online visa.pls let me know soon .thanks
Information request
I would to visit to Laos for visit then come back in Hanoi only to take plane.
I would like to know how i can have an approval letter in order to get the visa in VN embassy in Laos.
With reference to my messages yesterday please note that I am friend of Mr. Zaki, Pakistan and as I advised you that my family is in Vietnam and I need to get resident card of my family.

I have my valid work permit/resident card.

Can you please advise us the process and cost to get the resident card?
I hate to bother you but I would like to know if you can extend this visa, if so how much and how many months without exiting?
Also how much do you charge to get a visa to Thailand for a Ugandan and Ghanaian passport??
lastly how much is both single nd multiple entry Vietnamese business visa for Ugandan passport??

I am Iranian passport holders, and I want to visit Vietnam on 25th of January . Would you please help me what kind of you documents you need and how long does it take to provide ?

You will issue Visa or Approval letter ?
Visa Procedure
We would like to know the procedures for obtaining VISA.

1. Visa procedures for Bahraini Citizen
2. Visa procedures for Indian Citizen residing in Bahrain.
3. Both the people will be travelling from Kingdom of Bahrain.
4. Is On Arrival visa available for Bahraini Citizen and Indian Citizen
I am Preethi De Silva from Sri Lanka. Once before, I applied for Tourist visa in Vietnam and I need to apply again.

I shall be most thankful if you could help me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
visa for Tunisian citizen
i am a Tunisian citizen i want make a visa online for Vietnam but i dont find Tunisian nationality in your site . just i want ask how i make a visa online for vietnam.
thanks for help

Apply for Vietnam visa(on arrival)

We will have a meeting with Mango Quality Dept. in  Hanoi, Vietnam from 11th to 15th February, 2017, last year also we did this meeting in same place & I joined there.

This time my colleague Mr. Mohammad also will join in this meeting together with me, please provide all necessary info.to get visa(on arrival),

Would like to know below info,

1.       Necessary papers , docs.  to get visa

2.       How many days are required to get visa

3.       How much $US need to pay, how to pay ?

4.       How many days before we have to apply for visa

5.       Jointly we can apply or individually ?

Visa inquiry
I'm trying to visit vietnam at the 23 of this month but I can't apply for a visa as there is no representative for Vietnam in my country.
I tried to apply for the online form but in the drop down menu it doesn't show my country which is bahrain.
Kindly can you guide me to what i have to do to get a visa?
Visa for Bahraini citizens
Dear Vietnam Visa Staff,

I was informed that there is a possibility to obtain a tourist visa for a Bahraini citizen. What would be necessary for this and could the visa be multiple entry or is single entry only allowed for Bahrain?
Visa inquiry
I would like to request for a visa for one month multiple entry.
Knowing that i hold a bahraini passport abd will stay for a friend for 10 days period.
Kindly can you arrange for that?

Hello I am a Turkish citizen living in Shanghai China. Me my wife and my friends are planing to visit Vietnam coming by train or bus for like 3 weeks but only problem is my visa.Could you please help me about getting me a visa ? I already visited to Vietnam embassy in Shanghai and they said I need a entry permit.I took a picture of the document what they want and attached.It would be soo great if you can help me
Thank you.

Hi can u do visa on arrival vietnam for Syrian nationality
Dear Sir/Madam,
With due respect to write you that I the under sign holder of Bangladesh passport presently living in Cambodia as I am starting a business here recently . Me
Need assistance for visa for Pakistan citizens

With the reference of above mention subject i would appreciate you if you assist me to getting long term multiple visa, am Pakistani passport holder living in Maldives from long time, doing business here.

Awaiting of your reply soon.

Dear Mr. H.M.Sha, Thanks for your information For Pakistani, you can apply for one month or three month visa as the longest time. If you want to stay longer, you need a business company in Vietnam to support for you to make work permit and do 1 or 2 year residence card. Kindly let us know if you have so that we can provide more information for visa for you
Regarding Visa Application
I am from Pakistan, staying in Singapore on Employment Pass, can I use your website to apply for visa for Vietnam? for a one month visa how much will be my stamping fee?

I have attached my passport and employment Pass (multiply entry visa to Singapore) for reference.

I am planning to travel in March 2017.
This is Thao from Turkey. I'm planning to come to Vietnam this April for an internship and very confused about whether Turkish citizens are eligible for a VOA to Vietnam or not because of the opposite information I've found on the internet and on your website.
I would be grateful if you can clarify this problem for me.
Thank you so much!
Visa for Vietnam

I am from Tunisia and I am coming to Vietnam and I would stay 2 months, so, I want to know what should I do for obtaining a Visa.
Hi this is salam iam from syria and live in Saudi Arabia and i have saudi ID
Kindly how i can get visa for vietnam buy online or throw the embassy or in airport
Your kind reply please
hi dear: what about afghanistan visa? what they can do in this case? tourist visa is needed.
I was at office address of the Vietnam embassy in Abuja Nigeria but only to find out that they have shifted to a new location which was not disclosed and has not been up dated on their website as well as online. Please can any one give me the new Vietnam embassy address in Abuja Nigeria