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Vietnam visa extension / Renewal services

After having entered Vietnam for a specific duration as allowed, you would like stay longer in Vietnam. What should you do? Check out full Vietnam Visa Extension


The only thing you should do is to extend your Vietnam visa. And in order to support you to save your valuable time, www.vietnamvisaonline.net has developed visa extension/renewal services for those who have been to Vietnam.

If you would like to extend/renew your visa (for the first time), please follow these steps:

Step 1. Please send us your scan version of your passport and the page containing your current Vietnam visa to our email: [email protected] Then we will send it to Vietnam Immigration Department to check your information before extending/renewing your visa.

Step 2. We will inform you about the visa extension fee and whether your visa can be extended/ renewed as visa extension varies in each case.

Step 3. You need to bring these following documents to our office:

  • Your original passport
  • Temporary residence paper approved by the hotel where you live at or approved by local authorities where you live in (or ward’s Police Unit)
  • If you are Vietnamese overseas or your current visa is separated visa, you will need to prepare 2 passport-sized photos (4×6 cm) with a face straight forward.

Step 4. Please wait some days to get your passport back together with your new stamped visa. See the below table for detailed processing time for each type of visa:


Visa types for extension

Processing time (working days)



1 month single


Extend 1 month single




Renew 1 month single


Applicable for those have visa exemption


3 months single/multiple


Extend 3 months single/multiple


Effective for 3 months visa


Renew 3 months single/multiple


Effective for 1 month visa

Important Notes:

  • You’d better extend/renew your visa at least 1 week (for 3 months visa, preferably 2 weeks) before your visa is expired.
  • Before you apply for visa extension, your passport must have 2 blank pages at maximum.
  • We assist for those extend /renew visa for the first time.
  • For tourist and business Visa, this visa extension/renewal is only applicable for 1 month or 3 months (single/ multiple)
  • For Diplomatic, Official visas, and other types of visa should be applied through the official agencies or government or business sponsors or contact the Vietnam Immigration Department in person.

Contact us for visa extension

Hotline: (+84)974.137.281

Tel: (+84)62.854.182

E-mail: [email protected]

Gmail: [email protected]


Viet Travel Service .,JSC

Tax Code: 0103913139

License No: 0103037973

Head Office: No 28, Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam.


Comments + Q&A
I am Australian, living in Ho Chi MInh. Now I want to extend 3 month visa, please reply the conditions
I requested visa extension from you a while ago. I am here with my Girlfriend who is from Lithuania, Europe.

She was here on 3 month tourist visa and the entry point was Ho Chi Minh Airport, Vietnam. Her Visa Expire on April, 2016.

Is it possible if you can extend visa for 3 months and how much it might cost.

Looking forward to your quick reply.


Me and my girlfriend are traveling trough Vietnam by motorbike and we came by land and got a 15-day visa free exemption stamp (we are from sweden) is it possible to extend it or apply for a real visa and pick it up at an airport without flying? We are currently in dalat and our visa exampt runs out the 21/4

Best Regards
Hello, I am in vietnam now on a 3 month tourist visa, i left the country last month to the boarder of cambodia and got a new visa, can i extend it when its expired? is it possible for a 6 month or 1 year? I have UK passport
Hello Ms. Lee,

I am hoping you might be able to provide me some information. I previously used your service to get a 3 month visa. I am looking to now stay another 30 days in Vietnam. I am told it is easier to get a new visa if I leave and return to Vietnam. However, I wondered whether I need to be away for a certain number of days.

Thank you,

I would like to extend my multiple entry visa for one-month without leaving the country. Do you also offer this service ? I noticed on the website that you recommend contacting a travel agent for this procedure.

thank you very much
Hi there,

I would like to extend my visa by one month with multiple entry. I will be leaving Vietnam on 24th of July and coming back on 6th August for flying out.
See attached my passport and visa. Could you let me know what is th procedure?
I'll be in Hanoi on 18-19th of July

My name is Sarah and I would like to know how to renew or extend, my and my husbands Visas. We are here in Vietnam at the moment, staying with family, and wish to renew to stay another 3 months or more, if possible.

Please let me know what information is needed and how best to proceed.

Thank you for your time,
Visa extension inquiry

I'm currently on a 3 month single entry tourist visa. I was wondering if there was a possibility to extend this with 1 more month? If so, how much would it be? Hope you can assist me in this. I've attached my visa and passport as attachment.

Kind regards,
I am Austrralian with a DN three month visa attwced. How much if was applying now would it cost. Need to sing lease and ant to get visa ideas in process. Know your quote for visa is for. Ow and may change. Thanks Mia
Hi are you able to do the business visa extension?
Extend Visa

I'm currently in Hanoi where I'm making an internship for 3 months. Indeed, I have a single entry 3 month visa. However, I would like to stay until the 13 of october for travelling so 13 days after the end of mu current Visa. So I need to extend this Visa. Is it possible ? Can you help me please ?

Bests regards.
Dear Madam:
I am interested in extension of my current DN Visa (Business/Work) for another 3 months as per your guidelines written
in: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/vietnam-visa-requirements/bangladesh/

It is not possible in my part to leave Vietnam and reenter again. Because, I am in the process of starting a business here in Vietnam and currently I am passing through a financial crisis. Hoping and confident next month I will be in a good position. At this moment I can only afford the visa extension fees.

In the above circumstances, please help me getting my visa extension for another 3 months and oblige thereby. Please find attached my passport and visa copy and Mr. Da will provide the necessary documents for Visa extension.
Visa extension

I have an inquiry regarding the extension of my tourist visa. I am a Croatian citizen (country's name is Croatia) and I am currently staying in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh city) on a 3 month single entry tourist visa which expires on 17th September. I got my visa on arrival at HCM city airport. I would like to extend my tourist visa for another 3 months (this would be my first extension) and was wondering if you can inform me about visa extension fees and procedure.

Thank you.,

Extend my stay Hi, my name is Agu and I am from Spain, as I am spanish I am entitled to stay in vietnam for 15 days. Currently, I am in Hanoi and I could stay here until the fifteenth of september, I would like to get the visa, but as I am here in Hanoi the visa on arrival is not longer an option. My question how can I get the visa if I a already in vietnam. Best regards.

Hey jessica, I sent you this before and you said he would only get 20 days but they are not enough.
so I want him to go either to Laos or cambodia, do you have an friends who can help him get a 3months extension, or is it possible for you to get him another invitation and he travels out of the country to Laos and back?? let me know what you think because the visa expires tomorrow
Regarding Visa extention

I am in Vietnam(Ho chi minh) and my visa will expire 0n 17th October 2016.I want to extend my stay for another month and would like to know what is the procedure and the amount I need to pay for extension.


You have helped us on many occasions with visa approvals.

I need your assistance once again ...

I have a friend who is Malaysian Citizin and who entered Vietnam by air through HCMC on a 1 month free visa upon arrival (as for all Malaysian citizins)
Visa will expire on 18th October 2016 and she wishes to extend her stay in Vietnam as long as possible, preferably without leaving Vietnam

Can you tell us what is possible and the costs involved ?

Thanks in advance !
Visa extension,
Hello, my partner and I are wondering if an extension or renewal will be possible. We entered Vietnam by bus from Nanning yesterday (18th October) and we have only just realised that we only have 15 days on our visa untill expiry. This is because we are UK passport holders and that is all that is given.
This is not long enough for us to travel as intended and we wondered if it would be possible to extend it to one month?

Many thanks
I heard from a friend, that you help in getting a visa for Vietnam. I am already in Vietnam but because I only have a visa for 15 days, I would like to extend it. Can you help me with that as well?
Kind regards,

Have lived in Vietnam 30 years. From Australia and always use visa extensions eg. 1 year. Am not married to Viet. Citizen but have 3 kids born in Can Tho who live with me with ages 11 to 23 years and who have good legitimate paperwork with me as father. Oldest is now studying as teacher in Old. University. Two others students here in Can Tho. Both live with me, their mother and other family members. Am I eligible for residency paper or 5 year exemption as I am now retired at 68 years and have no desire to live in Australia. Please advise ASAP as my visa will expire shortly.
Visa extension

I would like to know if I can get my visa extended for 3 more months multiple entry. My current visa expires 18 Jan 2017. My passport expires 18 July 2017. I have attached copies.

Please let me know an estimate of the price.

Thank you!
I've 3 months tourist visa which will expire on 28th Oct. Can I can extend for another one month?
I would like to extend my Tourist Visa without exiting from Vietnam. Presently in HCMC.
Please provide me details and fees of extension (one month or Three months) of Visa without going out from Vietnam.
Please find attached scan copy of my passport.

Look forward for your reply ASAP. Thank you.


Me and my partner will be arriving in Vietnam on the 05th of November (we've both got a 30day tourists visa starting on the 05th of November) crossing a landborder from Laos. I am from Germany and my partner is from New Zealand. As soon as we arrive in Hanoi on the 05th we would like to extend our Visa for another 30 days. Could you please tell us how much it would be each to extend our 30day tourist visa for another 30 days? Kind regards
Visa Extension for vietnam

I have a 3 months single entry visa expiring on the 28th of this month and would like to know the cost of extending it for a further 3 months please?

I attach the details.
Visa in Vietnam

I already contacted you some time ago regarding the extension of my tourist visa and was happy with your service, Now I was wondering if you can help with obtaining a temporary resident card. I have just received my work permit from labour department. My extended visa lasts until the 17th of December and instead of extending my visa I would like to get resident card. However, I do not hold business visa but tourist visa. Is it possible to get resident card? Can you give me some information on the procedure and the documents I would need, and the costs?
I am planning a trip to Vietnam soon. I just want to know if I can extend my stay while in Vietnam? Or what should I do to apply for 3 months instead of the 1 month I already applied for.
Best Regards,

I arrived last Thursday to Saigon on the Vietnam Visa Exemption policy with my UK passport and was wondering what my options for extension or upgrade to a new visa are?

Was thinking of either single entry for 3 months or perhaps multiple entry for a year if available?
business visa extension

How much is to get the extension for my visa? I want multiple, business, 12 months.

I currently have: 6 months, multiple, category: DN, from 02/07/16 to 26/01/17, previously done with you as usual.
Can you also help me with visa for Thailand?

You spoke to my friend on the phone earlier. I need my visa extended. I already paid for a 30 day visa but was only given a 15 day exemption stamp at the Cambodian border. Please can you help me with this
Thank you
Hi, want to know How much is 3 months DN visa extension pls.i currently holding a 3 months multiple entry DN visa

Hello, my name is Ying. I'm traveling by bike with my boyfriend in Vietnam now. Now we are in Haiphong. Our trip takes longer than we expect so we are thinking to extend our visas. I'm from China and he is from Argentina. Now we have a 3-month single entry visa which will expire on February 10,2017. We want to extend one more month. Could you please advise if you can help us. Thank you.
Visa approval letter questions

First of all, a happy new year! My name is Maikel and I'm from The Netherlands. I am currently on a 3 month multiple entry visa that will expire on 11 January. I want to extend my visa with another 3 months and do a visa border run with the #703 bus on the 10th of January. A friend recommended using your office for the visa approval letter. I have a couple of questions.

1. Is the cost still 22 USD?
2. How long does it take before the VOA is ready?
3. Does my nationality (Dutch) have any influence on the visa?
4. What exactly do I need to send / bring to you?
5. Do you also make passport photos?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
Visa Extension Question
I am a US citizen who has a current 3 month multiple entry visa for visiting Vietnam. I was a tourist while there and also visited a family member. I have returned to the US.

I am looking at possibly returning to Vietnam in late February or early March for another visit, and am wondering if my current visa can be extended so I could stay beyond March 10th. I am sending a copy of my current Vietnam Visa page and the stamping page showing my in and out dates for your reference.

Please let me know if I could get an extension to my visa and if so, how I would go about doing so and what the cost would be.

Many thanks.
VISA extension for Netherlands and china pasport
We would like to extend our visa for Vietnam for around two weeks. Can you let us know how much that would cost and with Tet coming up, how we can be sure that we can make it in time.

I have included a photo of Mariska's visa, my visa is the same.

My friend and I would like to extend our visas for vietnam. Currently we have a 30 day visa ending the 24th of January.( dutch passports) We would like to extend it with 10 days, however we have heard that they have changed regulation and that this is not possible anymore.
The only option that is offered to us is a extention of 30 days for $70, which i believe is very pricy.

Could you please tell us what our options are and what you maybe can do for us.

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards, elise and amber
Extend visa
My 1 month single entry visa will expire on February 11. What are the options and costs to stay longer in Vietnam (extend or renew) for 1 or 3 months? My passport is Nederland
Thu xem nao