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Instructions for soluting emergency situations in hospitals in Vietnam to protect tourists

In writing this article, firstly it is wish that there is no foreigners to come across this problem, also it is not say the bad side of Vietnam health sector. The purpose of this article is tutoring foreigners to know how to protect yourself in a hospital in Vietnam.

There are a number of tourists to Vietnam from developed countries such as Germany, France, USA, UK Australia, Singapore, .. where health services and health care are very good, doctors are very enthusiastic to work with the patient responsibly.

If unfortunately you have accident in Vietnam and have to go to hospital, you should follow these steps to limit the risk:

1. In case you are still awake and the accident is not very serious , you should go to the joint ventures with foreign countries hospitals which have high
quality services, although the expensive is more expensive than the state hospital of Vietnam but health care service is very good, for example VIT Singapore hospital, Viet- France Hospical ...

2. In case, it is an emergency accident and you are note enough alert, if there is someone goes along with the you,  your partner should prepare a little bit money to bribe doctors who care for your. You will have better care if you give them some money.

3. If you go alone and unfortunately you have an accident and be unconscious then you just can pray God that you meet a doctor with a conscience. After you reintegrate, you should also give your doctor a little bit money to have better care.

We write this article not to libel or slander the hospitals, nurses and doctors in Vietnam, our main purpose is to guide foreign visitors to Vietnam know how to solve the problems to protect themselves when they have unexpected accident.


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Your information about Vietnam's hospitals is great, it helped us to prepare knowledge when we may get sick in Vietnam.