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Entry / Exit Requirements for U.S. citizens

In order to enter Vietnam, you will need a valid passport with at least six months validity remaining and a Vietnamese visa, a visa exemption document, or a written approval letter for a visa upon arrival. You may obtain a visa or a visa exemption document from a Vietnamese embassy or consulate prior to traveling to Vietnam. To obtain a written approval letter to enter, you must contact a travel agency prior to departure. U.S. citizens have reported unscrupulous travel agencies taking advantage of travelers and charging extremely high fees upon landing.


Check our Vietnam Visa on Arrival service and Visa processing fees.

The Government of Vietnam treats the use of falsified travel documents very seriously. Travelers attempting to enter Vietnam for any purpose with an altered or otherwise fraudulent travel document are likely to face criminal prosecution and possible imprisonment.


If you arrive without an appropriate Vietnamese visa, exemption document, or written approval for a visa upon arrival, you will not be permitted to enter and will be subject to immediate deportation. Vietnamese visas are usually valid for only one entry, unless the traveler specifically requests a multiple-entry visa, for which there may be an increased fee. If you are planning to leave Vietnam and re-enter from another country, be sure that your visa is multiple entry. If it is only single entry, you will have to obtain another visa prior to returning to Vietnam.


Please be aware that Vietnam has two fees: 1) the visa fee and 2) the visa processing fee. The visa fees are posted on theĀ Vietnamese Embassy's website, but U.S. Embassy and Consulate officials have received reports of processing fees varying from one applicant to another and from one issuing entity to another. We have brought this concern to the attention of Vietnamese officials, but the problem persists.


If you plan to travel to Laos by land, you must obtain the type of Vietnamese visa that adheres to the passport. Laos immigration requires proof that travelers have departed Vietnam, something that can only be shown with an adhesive visa. Vietnamese officials remove detachable visas from the passports of travelers when they depart Vietnam, leaving travelers with no proof of their recent Vietnam departure. This situation can result in Laos officials requiring the traveler to return to Vietnam.


Even if you have a valid visa, you may be refused entry to Vietnam. We caution you that Vietnamese immigration regulations require foreigners entering Vietnam to undertake only the activity for which their visas were issued. If you change the purpose of your visit, you must get permission to do so in advance from the appropriate Vietnamese authority. If your U.S. passport is lost or stolen in Vietnam, you must obtain both a replacement passport and a replacement Vietnamese visa. If you have an emergency, the U.S. Embassy and Consulate General can issue you a limited validity replacement passport in as little as one day; however, the Vietnamese government requires three to five working days, in addition to the day of application, to issue a replacement visa. Neither the U.S. Embassy nor the Consulate General can expedite replacement Vietnamese visas.


Visit theĀ Vietnamese Embassy's website for the most current visa information.

Vietnam Embassy
1233 20th Street NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036
Phone (202)861-0737
Fax (202)861-0917

Vietnamese Consulate General,
1700 California Street, Suite 430
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone (415) 922-1707
Fax (415)922-1848

Vietnamese Consulate General
5251 Westheimer Road, Suite 370
Houston, TX 77056
Phone (713) 850-1233
Fax: (713) 840-0159

The U.S. Department of State is unaware of any HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for visitors to or foreign residents of Vietnam.

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Comments + Q&A
I am an American, I have ever made visa at Vietnam Embassy in New York, they asked us to pay 70$/person for 1 month single visa stamping fee while I just spend 45$/person for visa stamping fee using visa on arrival at the airport.
I do not know why there is this difference, but I will never make visa at embassy if I have another choice.
We are U.S. citizens on a cruise of Asia. Our cruise ship will dock in Phu My for 10 hours only on March 27, 2016 and April 20, 2016. Do we need a visa to get off the ship and if so, would we need a multiple or single visa?
Thank you.
Dear Harney Thanks for your email For US citizen, you need Vietnam visa even you stay here only 10 hours. If you do not have, you are not allowed to travel, you just can stay in the ship You should get it before traveling. You can go to Vietnam embassy to get visa stamped. We know that the cruise also offer this service but the price is expensive so if you have it, it will be better. You only need single visa if you do not come back again Should you need any further information, please let us know Best regards
Dear Vietnam Visa

I'd like to know how much a one year Business Visa for Vietnam will cost if I apply through you.

I am a UK citizen holding a US Green Card.

I am a United States citizen wanting to apply for the new 1 year tourist visa. Can I do this now, or in the near future?

I fly on august 10, will need it by then.

Any further information on how to obtain this visa is much appreciated.
Dear Sirs,
Unfortunately it seems your Government( Vietnam), is still refusing to honor the " Reciprocity Agreement" in regards to the above mentioned Visa.
Please update me on the current situation (Official Status).
* America does not charge "200.00$ for the same Visa. No Fee's associated with this Visa.
*America does not allow private sector contractor's to issue Visa's ( Fee's).
Vietnam visa question (urgent)

I hope you are doing well!

My husband and I plan to arrive in HaNoi on October 5th 2016. We already bought our tickets. However, we noticed that many travel agencies have suspended short term visas for United States citizens. Do you offer a 3 month visa?

If we aren't able to get a 3 month visa right now, would it be possible to apply for a 1 year visa? If so, how much does this cost per person? And is the 1 year visa just a letter?

Thank you very much,
VOA for Americans
Is it true that Americans can no longer get Visa on arrival in Vietnam?

1 year tourist visa multi entry USA passport holder

Hello, my name is Matthew, I am an American with USA passport looking to stay in Vietnam 8 months starting at the end of this month. Previously I have applied for single entry 3 month visas. I am interested in the new 1 year tourist visa for USA passports. I have looked at the option posted on the Vietnamese Embassy's website, and just now found your option. If you could send me the information, Requirements, total costs, processing times i would greatly appreciate it.

I am confused and hope you can help. We got our visas through you in early November. They show an expiration date of November 2017. The question is this: Are we supposed to leave every 3 months? This really isn't a problem because we usually leave that often anyway. But I don't understand what I need to do to document on our passports that we have left and returned. Or is it no longer necessary to leave?

Thanks for your help. Happy New Year!