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Vietnam visa fees / cost / price 2011

According to regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department 2011, Vietnam visa fees have a chance to reach special discounts as well as promotion in New Year to boost Vietnam tourism.

It is not difficult to get visa to Vietnam now. Foreigners in all countries can contact directly at Vietnam Embassy to have a visa. In another way, by travel agent they can get the pre-approved letter to get a visa. And Vietnam Embassy visa fees ( fee / cost / price ) are various basing on the category of visas and the length of stay. This below are some requirements and visa fees ( fee / cost / price ) for all citizens caring the Embassy fees:


1. The original PASSPORT.
2. One completed Visa application form for foreigners

3. One 2″x2″ passport-size photograph stapled or glued firmly to the application form.

Vietnam Embassy Visa Fee 2011

Consular Fees (sic): (Single Entry)
$ 25.00 PER VISA - Consular Fee
$ 40.00 PER VISA - Approval Fee
$ 65.00 PER VISA - Total Embassy Fee

Rush Embassy Fees:
$ 20.00 PER VISA - (Additional) Issued in 2-3 business days

Multiple Entries:
$150.00 PER VISA - Valid for one to three months
$200.00 PER VISA - Valid for six months

Another option:

Visa on arrival in 2011 will save you at least 20% over getting a same one at embassy. There will be no consulate fee ( fee / cost / price ), time fee ( fee / cost / price ) as well as no transportation fee ( fee / cost / price ) to visit the Vietnam Embassy. There will be no postage fee as everything is done over email.


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