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Reviews about Vietnam Visa on arrival service

To be a businessman in the insurance industry, I often have to travel to many places all over the world so I have to get visas to those countries. Due to the company’s expansion in Vietnam, I have to fly to Vietnam to meet partners and customers so often. Before each trip, I must come to the Vietnam Consulate in United States to apply for a visa and it is time consuming.


Although there is n trouble at the Embassy/Consulate, it takes too much time and effort to go there, so I searched on the internet to find whether there is visa on arrival service to Vietnam or not. That was amazing that the Vietnam Government has facilitated for tourists and businessmen coming to Vietnam easily by allowing them to use visa on arrival since 2003.


Many Americans like me and other foreigners still fret about the safety as well as how to do a visa upon arrival in Vietnam, so today I want to share with you on how to do as well as their advantages and disadvantages in applying and using visa on arrival Vietnam


  • 3 simple steps to get visa on arrival


• First you only need to find a reputable company in Vietnam which offers Vietnam service visa on arrival and then fill out the visa application form on their website and proceed with the payment. You can choose many different methods of payment such as paying through credit card, bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram

• After receiving your visa information, the company will proceed to confirm the information and submit the necessary documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department to apply for an approval letter for you. It usually takes from 1-3 days so you don have to wait so long. In case you want to get faster, you can use the urgent services to get visas within 24 h

• The approval letters will be emailed to you, you just print it out and use it to board the plane to Vietnam. On arrival in Vietnam, you will submit letters to the Immigration Department and then pay stamping fee and then you can enter Vietnam legally.


You see things are so easy to do for a visa upon arrival in Vietnam! By the way I also want to share with you some experiences to get quick visa stamping at the international Vietnam


• In addition to letters, you should print and fill out the ENTRY AND EXIT FORM before departure to save time at the airport. (You may get this form from the visa company)

• Preparing 2 picture 4 * 6 cm on white background

• Prepare visa stamping fee, you should bring cash to pay (US dollar, Euro, Pound, VND), the visa stamping fees are applied to all nationalities, 45 $/1 month or 3 month, 65 $/1 month or 3 month multiple times, 95 $/person for 3 full months stay,etc.


The most important thing when doing a visa is that you must provide complete and accurate information as on the passport. If one of those information is wrong. you will have to redo your visa fagain (the company I am doing visa do it again for free even it is my fault).


After receiving the approval letter, you should also check the information is correct or not, if there is any mistake, you need to contact with visa company to fix it as soon as possible.


These are the benefits and the advantages of the service, but the service still has the following problems:

• The client can be cheated by unreliable visa agencies ( I have encountered this problem).

• The clients have doubts when they apply Vietnam visa on arrival for the first time because they do not find any official site of Vietnam Government to make visa on arrival.

• Customs officers at the airport caused trouble for tourists like us, it takes me 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete at the airport. (as I knew it, the company I do visa offer pick-up service at the airport to help customers check in quickly)


According to my experience in making Vietnam visa, you should choose a reputable company which has worked long time in this aspect. If you do not have a reliable one, the website vietnamvisaonline.net is a place you can trust. This is the first company I chose to do a visa and now they are my assistance when I come to Vietnam.


I have tried to use Vietnam visa service from some other companies such as: VisaonArrival.net or VietnamVisa123.com but the quality is not as good as the company I chose.


I have also introduced and recommended to many friends, relatives and my partners when they need to make visa to go Vietnam. I do hope that youve got the information you need when making a visa to Vietnam and will have a pleasant experience in Vietnam!

From Blogger: Hani Acelife



Comments + Q&A
My name is Seun and I am a Nigerian. I am a Teacher currently living and working in Myanmar. I would like to know if I can apply for tourist visa on arrival through your online service. Thank you and Hope to hear from you.
I am in Hanoi right now. I arrived 28th Dec and because my Spanish passport I got a 15 days, so 13th Jan is my last day.
I also have a letter for a visa for 4th Jan until 31th Jan

I need to get a visa until 31th Jan that is when I am flight to Thailand. Can i get a 30 days visa after my 15 days?