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The tourist attractions in Da Nang

Marble Mountains:

Everyone knowing Danang knows Marble Mountains.It is so famous that a lot of people want to see it as a symbol of this land. It is famous for Space fanciful, dreamlike, temples and caves, trees and temple bells, waves and thousands of miles. Not far from the city center, the Marble Mountains has been indeed a heavenly realm for visitors around the world.




Nearly two hundred years ago, King Minh Mang has been to here. He had himself named the mountains, the caves and temples. Nobody know that it took the King so much lost time to make names such as Ngu Hanh Son, Hu Khong, Hoa Nghiem, Lang Hu, Tang Chan, Van Nguyet and Thien Long. However, one thing is for sure, which is that amongs the worries of the people and country, in the soul of this man,the lanscape of  Marble Mountains has occupied an important part as a pride about  a beautiful land.

Here, the cultural and historic imprint are still vivid in each temples, buildings, towers early nineteenth century, on each Cham sculpture of the fourteenth, the fifteen century,. The writings and poems of the Tran Dynasty and Le Dynasty printed on the mossy rocks in the cave, the historic revolutionary struggle as Chong rocky moutain, Ba Tho cave, Kim Son Mountain, Am Phu cave.... All eloquent proof of the legendary about Marble Mountains, about a land of supernatural private and full of epic masterpiece.

Like many other places, these mountains surround themselves with a lot different legends. The poetic space of the lanscape and and the romantic feeling of the fairy tales have brought the Marble Moutains a position that there is little.  In the philosophical thinking of the Chinese five elements: Metal, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn is the constituent elements of the universe. The number 5 is extremely important figure in the minds and lives in the East.Look like, in the coincidence, 5 tops Kim Son, Moc Son Thuy Son, Vulcan, Son themself contain the mysterious anomalies.

Son Tra Peninsula:

Son Tra is a privilege that nature has generously offered to Da Nang. Visitors can see this mountain wherever they stand in the region of Danang.  In figure leaned reached the sea, Son Tra is a giant picture screens shielding storm the city.




Being located 10 km from the city center on the northeast, Son Tra Peninsula with altitude 693 m above sea level; shaped like a mushroom, mushroom head is Son Tra Mountain and mushrooms are alluvial sands, deposited, creating a beautiful golden sandy and fresh beaches,.This is also a  natural sanctuary in diversity and abundance, which is protected under national regimes forbidden forest, it is famous for having unique vegetation with many rare wild animals such as deer, monkeys, gibbons, orangutans, monkeys shanked, chicken, red face ... The natural scenery here is so seductive. It is said that the goddesses from the heaven often choose this sandy region to dance and play chess together... so it is also named Tien Sa. On the top of Son Tra, visitors can enjoy the cool, fresh air of sea and mountain while overlooking to see the entire view of Danang city, Marble Mountains, Bana - Nui Chua Mountains ...like collapse in the eyes of every person.


And also here, tourists can visit the poetic rocky stream next to the leg of the mountain, immersed in the cool waters of the sea, watching the sand around the clean and smooth peninsula, steady tide up down millions of years of erosion and clean balls piled rocks along the shore, stopping at quiet Bai But with small quarters in order to listen to the waves roll or follow wings of the bird went nest towards the cliffs protruding.

And at the foot of the mountain, with beautiful coral, colorful reefs, it is an ideal place to develop all type of dving tourisim.


Hai Van Pass:

On the road north to south through Vietnam, Hai Van is always an impressive landmark. This is the highest pass in the mountain pass in Vietnam (about 500 meters above sea level), full of craggy and peak is also last one of a Truong Son that crashes into the sea.




In Phu Bien Tap Luc, Le Quy Don remarked that: Hai Van being above the coast, under the clouds are limited of two provinces Thuan Hoa and Quang Nam.

More than six centuries ago, this land belongs to the Continental O 2, Ri kingdom of Champa, King Champ, Che Man used it as wedding presents of Princess Huyen Tran . Currently, Hai Van Pass is the boundary between Thua Thien - Hue and Da Nang.


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