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Get Vietnam Visa Stamped At The International Border Gates

Most of people who have the demands to apply a visa to Vietnam, they have no much ideas about the places where they apply the visa or get the result after their application. They believe that the only place where they complete the process of visa application is the embassies or immigrant departments.


Of course there are not only the embassies, travel agencies, companies that care about visa services where you have the result of it, but also for some cases that you can ask the result of the approval letters at the international border gates.


You know that for any trips into Vietnam, you have your time to prepare all things in which there is visa application. The visa is always done before your departure because this is the compulsory entry document. However, there are not all cases that happen as in your plan.


Sometimes, you will need the visa urgently because of unexpected situations. And in this case, the application of visa into the country at the international border gates will be the best solution for you.


So, what are the cases that you think about the visa into Vietnam at the international border gates? It is considered that there are the circumstances as below:


- You have your relatives who live in Vietnam and you visit them in their sickness or the unexpected situation that one of them to pass away.

- You love to travel in Vietnam but there is no the present of the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in your country.

- You visit Vietnam with the trips organized by the travel agencies or organizations that they apply the visa at the international border gates.

- You are in the role of the technical supporter, assistant urgently for the projects or the cases of emergency in medical or the rescue in disasters, etc.

- Or some other urgent cases that need to have an entry into Vietnam fast.


And how about the international border gates where you can apply the visa into Vietnam? It is said that there are different international border gates into Vietnam by the land, the air, the train and the waterways.


Please pay attention that you can go to Vietnam by land, by air, train or cruise, but you must have visa fore departure (except for traveling by air, you can use visa on arrival by applying online via travel agent in Vietnam)


For the international airports:  of course there are four airports that all who know. They are Noi Bai Airport in Ha Noi Capital, Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang Aiport in Da Nang City and Cam Ranh airport in Nha Trang. Each airport is located in the region of the country like Noi Bai Airport is in the North, Tan Son Nhat Airport is in the South and Da Nang Airport and Cam Ranh airport are in the Centre of country. This is so favorable to you to save the time to the destination as in your plan.


For the train: there is Dong Dang Border Gate located in Lang Son Province. This gate is closed with the international train from Ha Noi to Dong Dang. And then at the Dong Dang Station, there is the train combined to Bang Tuong Station of China. So if you are in China and get the train into Vietnam, this is the way for you to complete the trip with the visa application be done at Dong Dong Station.


For the waterway: there are some international gates where you can come in with the visa application be completed in here. From Phnom Penh in Cambodia, you can get the visa into Vietnam via Vinh Xuong Waterway Border Gate in Chau Doc City that belongs to An Giang Province. Relating to the seaports into Vietnam, you should ask the information concerning the visa from the seaports before the time to decide to come in the country  in this way.


There are many international seaports in Vietnam but almost of them that is to serve the cargo mainly and then some international cruises from Asia or Europe into Vietnam. It is considered that there are at least 3-4 seaports including Hai Phong Port located in Hai Phong City, Sai Gon Port located in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau Port located in Ba Ria –Vung Tau Province where they have the right to complete the documents relating to visa directly into the country in urgent cases.


However the point is that people applying visa via the ports are the crew mostly. So if you intend to apply the visa via the ports into Vietnam, you should ask the information from the embassy and the ports carefully before applying.


For the land: there are nearly 15 international border gates in Vietnam. They combine Vietnam to China, Cambodia and Laos. So the visa via the international border gates by land is not so complicated. There are the notes for you to concern as below:


- From China into Vietnam, you may apply the visa via the border gates like Lao Cai Border Gate in Lao Cai City, Mong Cai Border Gate in Quang Ninh Province, Huu Nghi Border Gate in Lang Son Province.

- From Laos into Vietnam, you may apply the visa via the border gates like Na Meo Border Gate in Thanh Hoa Province, Nam Can Border Gate in Nghe An Province, Keo Nua Border Gate in Ha Tinh Province, Lao Bao Border Gate in Quang Tri Province, Cha Lo Border Gate in Quang Binh Province, Po Y Border Gate in Kon Tum Province, Tay Trang Border Gate in Dien Bien Province.

- From Cambodia into Vietnam, you may apply the visa via the border gates like Le Thanh Border Gate in Gia Lai Province, Moc Bai Border Gate and Sa Mat Border Gate in Tay Ninh Province, Dinh Ba Border Gate in Dong Thap Province, Tinh Bien Border Gate in An Giang Province, Xa Xia Border Gate in Kien Giang Province. However the most popular border gates must be Moc Bai Border Gate, Tinh Bien Border Gate and Xa Xia Border Gate. Three border gates above supply the visa to tourists usually, so it is maybe more favorable for you in the process of visa application than the other border gates.


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