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When Do You Need To Get Vietnam Visa Extended/ Renewal?

If you are in Vietnam and your current visa nearly expires while you want to stay longer for business purpose or tourist purpose without leaving country, Vietnam visa extension will be need to be done in advance

How to get visa extended?

Once you find that your current visa expires, you should start get it extended. You can do it by yourself but it will be time-consuming and the possibility of not getting it is high. It is recommended that you have a travel agent done for you. You can save your time and money as the procedure to extend visa is not quite easy.

When you are ready to extend visa, you should send travel agent an email with the scan of your current visa (You can take photo if you do not have scanner). In case, you do not want to send visa copy, you should provide them following information to save time

-          Your nationality

-          Your recent type of visa (If you have visa extended before, you should also send the copy)

-          Your recent date of arrival

-          Your latest port of arrival: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang or Da nang or land border

-          The type of visa you want to extend

You should notice that not all visa can be extended, in some cases your visa will be rejected without any reasons.

After receiving your all needed information, the travel agent will check and confirm you if your visa can be extended or not. They will also give you the detailed fee for visa extension. If you agree to do, you will need to give them your original passport

How long can I take passport back with extended visa?


The time to get visa extended is 5-7 working days, except for Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays. The validity of your new visa will be counted from the date you give passport so you should contact travel agent at least 5 days before your visa expires

You will get passport with extended visa back and pay the fee then.

Why is the fee for visa extension not the same for all cases?

Visa extension fee is subjected to change due to the changes in immigration laws and political situation. It depends on your nationality, current types of visa, port of arrival and types of visa you want to extend. It is highly recommended that you check price with some travel agents before you decide to do it.

What is the difference between Visa Extension and Visa Renewal?

Both visa extension and visa renewal can help you stay in Vietnam legally without leaving the country.

Visa Extension means that you will have new staying duration permission in Vietnam. You will have seal (written in Vietnamese) in your passport to state that you are allowed to stay in Vietnam from...date.. to ..date

Renewal Visa means that you are granted a new visa stamp and visa sticker on your passport with the new duration permission.

Visa extension is much cheaper than renewal visa but in some case, you just can renewal visa, not extend visa

What are conditions to extend/renewal visa?

In order to extend visa you need to have

-          At least 06 month validity passport and 02 empty pages left for extension

-          No bad record while staying in Vietnam


Kindly contact with us for any assistance in Vietnam visa extension/renewal, via email ([email protected]) or phone (+84 906 847 588)


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Can I extend vietnam visa?
I got 30days single entry visa at hochimin airport. but when I applied application on internet I made a mistake to type a data,so I could get only 19days stay.

So I want more 30days single visa extension.

Can I get? And also want to know the fee.
Now I'm in hochiminh city.