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Get Visa Stamped At Vietnam Embassy


A. The process of making Vietnam visa and get visa stamped at Vietnam embassy.


Under the provisions of the Vietnam Government  and the requirements of the Vietnam Immigration Department on the management of foreigners, Vietnam visa is only granted to foreigners at the request of the companies that have business registration in Vietnam  or individuals who are citizens living and working in Vietnam.


Under this provision, the Vietnam Embassy in foreign countries are not allowed to make Vietnam visa, Vietnam embassy only has responsibility for pasting visa stamp for foreigners at the request of of the Vietnam Immigration Department has granted visa letter.


Passengers, foreigners and Vietnamese who do not work in the field of visa will wonder and have doubt about our information.


The purpose of the Immigration Department is only to grant visa at the requirement of domestic companies because:


- The companies/organizations that require visa for foreigners will manage their activities in Vietnam.


- When bad cases happen such as illness, robbery ...Vietnam police will require these companies who make visa for foreigners to handle and solve the problems


- If the Vietnam government grant visa directly to foreigners, when the passengers have any problems, nobody has the responsibility for handling and solving except the government. This is unwanted thing of Vietnam government.


Why is Vietnam Immigration Department granted visa stamped at embassies abroad?


When applying Vietnam visa, travel company in Vietnam will ask tourists or foreigners:


- Where do passengers want to get visa stamped, at the international airport in Vietnam or Vietnam embassies abroad?


- If passengers want to get visa stamped at Vietnam embassy abroad, they must give the exact address of the city and country where the embassy is located.


After issuing visa, Vietnam immigration department will fax to the Vietnam embassy where passengers demand. Then, passengers will print the fax copy, approval letter and attached to the passport and photographs to their embassy that they initial request for stamping visa.


Time for issuing the visa is usually 3 working days, emergency may be half a day.


B. The reasons why foreign visitors find difficult when making and stamping visa at the Vietnam embassy?


Foreigners and Vietnamese overseas will wonder why they still make visa with the Vietnamese embassy abroad normally.


The process of making Vietnam visa at embassy:


When foreigners make Vietnam visa at embassy, passengers will pay and leave the original passport and embassy staff will make an appointment to return passports and visas to their passengers.


At this time, embassy staff will send the information of customers who make visas to travel company in Vietnam such as our company. They require our company to make approval letter for clients and ask to get visa stamped at the embassy where they work. After obtaining a visa from Vietnam, travel agent will send it to  the embassy staff so that they can stamp the visa and  return the passport to passengers.


Before 2015, the embassy staff make visas and give visa stamp without requiring a visa letter from the clients, but from January 1st 2015,  embassy staff must have a visa letter from Vietnam of their customers in order that they  paste visa stamps. This is because at the beginning of 2015 there are new rules on visas for foreigners, which is tighter so getting visa in Vietnam is a little bit difficult, maybe it will be easier after a time and they will still make and issue visa normally.


The reason why people find difficult in making visa letter and pasting visa stamp at the embassy through a Vietnam travel agent?


Clients who make visa at the embassy will have to pay visa fees as follows: stamping visa fee + visa letter service charge.


- Visa stamping fee which clients pay is for Vietnam Government,

-Visa approval letter fee which clients pay is for embassy staff which can be used for personal purpose.

At this point you will understand why the embassy staff cause you some troubles when making visa? Because they run the same service like us, they search for clients to make visa letter to earn money, they are not allowed to own visa stamping letter.


Customers may have encountered some difficult cases which caused by Embassy staffs as follows:


- They have received fax copy from the Vietnam Immigration Department but they informed that they did not receive, then they require clients to make visa through them. In this case, the clients must pay the visa approval letter service fee again for embassy staff. Our company has encountered this situation several times, then we must reimburse 100% service charge that we have collected from clients.

- Embassy staff tells clients that the visa letter that clients made with the travel company is faked, then they ask clients to make visa through the embassy.


- Post a message to the website of the embassy that  visa online sites are scams or unofficial, but the fact iss that online travel company in Vietnam  is officially run, visa they make is granted by from the Vietnam Immigration Department, so there is no scam here.

- Extend the time of stamping visa or make difficulties by requiring many other documents.

Maybe this time the clients don’t believe us about the way Vietnam embassy make visa. If possible, the clients only need to contact the embassy to ask the way make Vietnam visa for Afghanistan or Iraq, or any country of the Middle East or Africa where there is  no Vietnam embassy. Then,  embassy staff will introduce some websites to  clients in order that they can search for travel company in Vietnam that make visa, after that they will get visa stamped.

C. The simpler way of making visa

- Passengers can do visa on arrival and get visa stamped at the Vietnam international airports.

- Passengers make visa and get visa stamped at Vietnam embassy in European countries, America, Oceania…

- We advise passengers that if they make visa and stamp visa at Vietnam embassy in China, they should contact the staff there to make directly, because the embassy staff in China makes difficulties for us so many times, then we recommend that they should make visa on arrival.


D. Some notices when making Vietnam visa:

- Since 2015, There are some changes in rules about making visa and using visa change, if clients come Vietnam, they should make visa for travelling purposes. But if the job is a short term, the purpose is not really important.

- If the clients come Vietnam for a long-term work, they should make a visa for business purpose in order that later they will find easier when making work permit, temporary residence card.

- Extension of visa in Vietnam is very difficult since the date of January 1st 2015, so if the customer coming Vietnam has no specific plans, they should make long-term visa.

- Symbol on visa will not be converted, so the client should make visa that suitable for the purpose of their trip.  

- Customers who are exempt from Vietnam visa can not renew visa and they are required to exit when the date of stay is expired.


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