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Hanoi Impression in Paris

Hanoi people in these days are very proud of being presented in Paris (France) to introduce 1000 year-old city to French people and international tourists in the framework of “1010-2010 Hanoi Exhibition- Historical Millennium”. Being displayed in famous historic place known as Invalides Palace, Hanoi people and Vietnamese country has more beautiful and mysterious.

The exhibition is one of activities of 1000 year Thang Long-Hanoi Anniversary in Paris including international forum on Hanoi and Vietnam music performance. More than 100 Hanoi pictures and information by French photographer Michel Klein are elegant in ancient Invalides Palace Space attracting tourists to Hanoi with 3 themes such as Hanoi and capital role through historic stages, modern Hanoi and Hanoi with French architecture and culture influence.

Hanoi 1000 year historical remarks have shown by image of capital removal from Hoa Lu to Thang Long by Ly Thai To King, Hanoi under French Dynasty with its scio-economic, political role of Indo China, heroic Hanoi  in war as a symbol of independent fighting. “Hanoi of heroic people” is displayed impressively. Vietnamese capital, culture and history have been expressed in street name with national heroes, famous person like Hai Ba Trung, Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Tri Phuong.

Photographer Michel Klein takes color picture of modern Hanoi in many angle of sight. Hanoi is busy but quite in Bach Thao park, Tay Lake, relics such as Quan Thanh Temple, Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam, Thang Long Royal Palace…He shows daily activities of Hanoi people describing dynamic and traditional city.

Besides, the exhibition also displays 100 historical stage influenced by French culture and architecture. Old remarks are kept in many constructions, beauty spots. Photographer expresses positive change and unsuitable things of Hanoi under French Dynasty through pictures of existing constructions, buildings, streets, and intercepting system. Among French architectures, Vietnamese people must to view Vietnamese cultural items eradicated. Color and white-black, old and modern pictures are integrated making interesting comparison by viewers. Michel Klein said that “Vietnamese people are made its efforts to preserve old remarks although they experienced historic ups and downs. The strong point of Vietnamese culture is to learn. Despite the differences, Vietnamese-French culture show many similar characters”

Mr Philippe Dumont, Chief Editor of “Vietnam Brochure” Magazine said “I visited Vietnam many times and this exhibition is very interesting. I think that it introduces much new information and attracts exhibitors making them to Vietnam”.

Organizing board released that they decided to hold this exhibition because Hanoi is “one of the most friendly and beautiful capital in South East Asia” but keeps 1000 year historical year through ups and downs.

The exhibition lasts at the end of January, 2011.


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