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Add Three International Airlines In Da Nang

Since November, 2010 to January, 2011 Vitour Company and Vietnam Airline will cooperate to welcome Visitors from Hongkong to Da Nang by charter flights on Wednesday and Saturday every week.

Besides, in the middle of December, 2010, Transasia Airline (Taiwan) will transport tourists from Taipei to Da Nang in 19 charter flights ( 5 days/ one flight). At the beginning of January, 2011 Vietnam Airline will fly visitors from Seoul (South Korea) to Da Nang in 2 charter flights each week within one month.

In short, Da Nang now has operating airlines, Quang Chau (2 flights/ 1 week) of China Southern and Singapore (4 flights/ 1 week) of Silk Air. And from November, 2010 to December 2011 Da nang has 5 international airline with more than 1000 tourists per week in total.


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