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Vietnam visa in China

Information on getting Vietnam visa in China: Requirements, Embassy Address.


Get Vietnam visa in China by visiting Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam

There 5 places in China where you can get visa to Vietnam: Beijing (VN embassy), Guangzhou (general consulate) Nanning (general consulate) and Hong Kong and Kunming.

The normal process will take 3-5 working days and cost 400 RMB (~60 USD), if you wish to get it same day, the fee may be doubled. Passport and passport photos are required to process your visa.

Getting Vietnam visa on arrival in China

You may also get a apply visa on arrival to Vietnam. However, this method is applicable to air travel only. Our service cost is only 25$ US for one application.

This video tutorial will show you how to apply for a visa-on-arrival to Vietnam, the process involves quite a few steps that must be completed before you can pick up your visa at Vietnam airport.