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Vietnam visa requirements for United States. This page provided informations about visa requirement or exemption for citizens of United States. Vietnamese or United States government policy may changes, now. If you've got new infos about requirements for United States 's passport holder, please contact us. Thank you!

Do citizen of the USA citizens need a visa to Vietnam?

Yes, united-states passport holders need a visa to Visit Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Requirement for US citizen

  • Capital: Washington, D.C.
  • Country code: 1
  • Currency: United States dollar (USA)
  • Official language: English

We wish to notify that you have to apply for a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam if you are a USA passport holder.

Visa to Vietnam for Passport holder


The passport of applicants should satisfy following requirements

-       Have at least 2 blank pages to get visa stamp and seal at Vietnam international airports

-       Have at least 6 month validity counted from your date of arrival to Vietnam

Us citizens passport visa Vietnam

United States passport


Visa to Vietnam for on arrival


Have a white background

Be taken in the last 03 months.

Eyes look straight on without glasses, photos should be taken clearly with the appearance of 2 ears

You have to upload one colored photo (4X6) taking during last (3) months to the application form.


Vietnam visa on arrival at airport

Stamp Visa at Vietnam international airport

United States passport holder can use their Visa to enter Vietnam, passenger can stamp visa at one of Vietnam international airport gates such as Noi Bai, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Tan Son Nhat

To stamp Visa at the airport, passenger should prepare the following documents:

-       Visa Approval Letter by Vietnam Immigration Department

-       Immigration Form

-       Passport and remaining  term of over 6 months, with at least 2 blank pages

-       2 4x6 photos with white background

-       Fee for Visa stamped

When clients choose visa on arrival and get visa stamping at Vietnam's international airports are you afraid of having  problems at the airport for stamping visa such as be bothered or made difficult by airport security or no one assists procedures for visa stamping at the Vietnamese international airports or could be denied visa stamping and rejected for entry?

You can choose our fast track service to have quick support for stamping visa at Vietnam airports. To know more, you can click: HERE

We affirm that there is no client who has ever been denied stamping visa or refused entry to Vietnam by Vietnam international airport security if getting visa approval letter from our company. Clients must follow our step-by-step instructions to enter Vietnam normally. You can take our fast track service into your consideration to avoid any problem with visa procedure or airport security to have best time for your trip.

 In addition to fee for Visa dispatch, passenger must also pay fee for Visa stamp  as follows:

Kinds of visa on arrival

Stamping fee/pax (USD)

1 month single


1 month multiple


3 months single


3 months multiple


6 months multiple


1 year multiple



Vietnam visa applycation form

Visa On Arrival

According to the regulations of the government of Vietnam, Vietnam Immigration Department, all the citizens of the countries in the world and the United States passport holders can apply visa to enter Vietnam.

We can apply for entry Visas for United States people including 1-month type (one time or many times), 3-month type (one time or many times), 06-month or 1-year type (many times)

United States people can apply for Visa on arrival Vietnam for purposes such as tourism, trade, work, relative visit, medical treatment, marriage, etc.

Visa on arrival vietnam for United states passport

Visa to Vietnam for United States citizens

a/.     Procedures for tourism visa and relative visit Visa:

-       Scan passport surface and send email to us

-       Expected Date of Entry to and expected Date of Exit from Vietnam

-       Place of stamping Visa: Any international airport in Vietnam or Vietnam embassy passenger wants to go to stamp Visa

-       Time for obtaining Visa: 5-7 working days,

b/.     Procedures for trade Visa:

To apply for trade Visa, passenger must have a Company in Vietnam agreed to guarantee and sign documents as required by Vietnam Immigration Department, procedures for trade Visa are as follows:

-       Firstly, passenger must scan documents and information then send email to us: Passport surface of United States person and scan business registration certificate of Vietnamese Company, Expected Date of Entry and Place of stamping Visa.

-       Then, we will prepare dossiers then send back for Vietnamese Company to print and seal and Director to sign. Then, that Company will send dossier set back to us.

-       After Visa completed, we will send it to you and provide instructions for use to stamp Visa in international airport in Vietnam.

-       Time for obtaining trade Visa is normally 4 working days.

c/.     Procedures for work Visa in Vietnam:

Procedures for work Visa are the same as trade Visa. To apply for work Visa, passenger must have work permit in Vietnam; otherwise, passenger can only apply for trade or tourism Visa.


  1. Passenger does not have a Company in Vietnam agreed to guarantee, please let us know so we can handle trade visa in our way
  2. Time for tourism or trade Visa for United States people can be faster than 5 days; Or Visa can be obtained urgently in 01, 02 days but passenger must pay extra fee.
  3. Dossier set submitted by us to apply for Visa is irrevocable so at that time passenger must still pay fee as normal
  4. In case Visa cannot be obtained by our fault, we will: redo or correct free of charge or refund as required by passenger
  5. When obtaining Visa, passenger can fly or travel by road or waterway from United States or from other countries to Vietnam
Get Vietnam visa on arrival online


-       United States people can apply for Entry Visa online on our website or via email to us.

-       Passenger can go to the Embassy and apply for visa at Vietnam Embassy in United States or Vietnam Embassy in another country.


Visa Exemption for Vietnam

Visa Exemption



Term of residence



less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 21 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 15 days

South Korea

less than 15 days


less than 14 days



less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days

 In case United States citizens come to Phu Quoc, Vietnam via international ports (included by air or by sea), stay at that ports and head to Phu Quoc Island, they are exempted from Vietnam visa not more than 30 days. It is only applied for people going to Phu Quoc. If they go to other places, they must make visa as usual.

Note: The passport of foreigners using unilateral visa exemption to cone Vietnam must be valid at least 6 months and the next entry to Vietnam must be least 30 days after the first exit. From the second entry, passenger will have to make a visa if a previous entry is not exceeding 30 days.


 Vietnam Visa Application Form

Visa form

United States passport holder can fill out information for Visa in form HERE or download this Vietnam Visa Application Form to fill out then send email to us to: [email protected]

Entry and Exit Form (Form to fill out immigration information at Vietnam International Airports), passenger should prepare this form before entering Vietnam to save time at the counter for Visa stamping procedures and immigration procedures.


How to get Vietnam visa on arrival

How to get Vietnam visa in United States?

There are 2 main ways for you to get Vietnam visa in United States:

Vietnam visa urgent on arrival

Apply for Vietnam visa online:

a/.     Stamp visa when entering any international border in Vietnam:

This is the simplest and fastest way for United States passport holder. To apply for visa online, passenger can visit our website or send email to us, after 5-7 working days, passenger will receive visa dispatch issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.

 b/.       Stamp visa at Vietnam Embassy in United States or another country with Vietnam Embassy

To apply for visa online and stamp visa at Vietnam Embassy, passenger must send us address of Vietnam Embassy passenger wants to go to stamp visa. After visa is completed and sent to the passenger, passenger must follow our instructions to stamp visa



Contact a Vietnam embassy/consulate:

Please come in person to a nearest Vietnam embassy during business hours to apply for your visa. The visa procedure and visa fee may vary from embassy to embassy and it normally takes you at least 3 working days to get your Vietnam visa.

To have contact information of the Vietnam Embassy in United States, please access our homepage and find the box Vietnam Embassy location.


- Service fee: This is the fee you pay us for arranging your approval letter.

- Stamping fee: This is the fee you pay in cash at your arrival airport to be granted a Vietnam visa.

- Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC, UNITED STATES

1233 20th St NW, Suite 400 - Washington, DC 20036

Tel: 202.861.0737

Phone: (1-202) 861 073
Fax: 1-202) 861 0917
Visa Section of the Embassy: 
Opening hours: 9:30 – 12:30 Monday through Friday. 
Phone: (202) 861- 2293, (202) 861- 0694 and (202) 861- 0737 ext. 221, 222, 236, 237 during 10:00 – 12:00 AM and 2:30 – 5:30 PM Monday through Friday 
Fax: (202) 861- 1297 and (202) 861- 0917 

Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, UNITED STATES

1700 California St, Suite 580 San Francisco, CA 94109
(415)922-1707       (415)922-1577
(415)922-1848       (415)922-1757

Consulate General of Vietnam in Houston, UNITED STATES

5251 Westheimer Rd, Suite 1100
Houston, Texas 77056
United States
Tel: 713-850-1233 | 713-840-0096
Fax: 713-840-0159 | 713-871-0312
Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Local Time: 10:36:46 P.M.

Consulate General of Vietnam in New York, UNITED STATES

866 UN Plaza, Suite 435, New York, N.Y. 10017, USA
Phone: (1212) 644 0594
Fax: (1212) 644 5732


Vietnam Visa Extension

Visa Extension

According to the provisions of the Government of Vietnam, foreigners in general and United States passport holders in particular are only allowed to stay in Vietnam for 06 maximum continuous months.

If passenger has visa expired without further extension, passenger will be punished due to overdue visa, can be deported from Vietnam and listed on the entry blacklist.

Passenger entering at Tan Son Nhat border gate in Ho Chi Minh City, Moc Bai border gate Tay Ninh Province will easily extend and save cost than Noi Bai Hanoi or Da Nang, Nha Trang.

Procedures for Vietnam visa extension for United States people with the purpose of tourism, trade, work, relative visit are as follows:

 Tourism visa extension:

-       Valid passport and visa

-       01 4x6 photo with white background

-       Residence certificate by local public security.

-       Visa extension period is 5 working days

 Trade visa extension:

-       Valid passport and visa

-       Guarantee company dossier in Vietnam

-       NA5 form sealed by the Company in Vietnam

-       01 4x6 photo with white background

-       Residence certificate by local public security.

-       Visa extension period is 5 working days

Work visa extension:

-       Valid passport and visa

-       Guarantee company dossier in Vietnam

-       NA5 form sealed by the Company in Vietnam

-       Valid original work permit

-       01 4x6 photo with white background

-       Residence certificate by local public security.

-       Visa extension period is 5 working days

-       Visa extension period will depend on the remaining term of work permit. 

Some notes on visa extension:

Extension visa fee depends on some factors, to get the exact price, clients should send us following information:

1. The nationality of person who wants to extend visa

2. What type of old visa? One month or three month, what is the type? And where was it issued?

3. What is the most recent date of arrival? And what is the arrival port?

4. What type of visa does client want to extend? One month or 3 months, 06 months or 1 year

5. Does client have guaranteed company in Vietnam or not? If yes, where is the company located in Vietnam?

6. Which city did clients register for temporary staying?

7. Send above information to our email address, we will acknowledge in 24 hours.

Procedure to extend visa:

- Customers prepare full documents, we will come to your address to collect all documents. After your visa is extended, we will return your passport back and collect your money.

- If customers stay in other provinces (except for Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh), please send us all documents via express post office, and we will send back to you once we finish it.

- Normally visa may be extended only up to 3 months, but with trade visa, work visa we can extend up to 06 months or 1 year


Vietnam visa information

The United States come to Vietnam to work and live for long time should pay attention to following matters:

- In case they want to work for long time in Vietnam, the United States must have work permit in Vietnam. We will instruct you how to get it (Work permit can be extended).

- After obtaining work permits, the United States can make 2 or 3 year residence card which can be extended.

- If the United States are spouses, children of the Vietnamese, they can make 5 Year Visa Exemption (We will talk about this later).


Work Permits in Vietnam

Work Permits in Vietnam

Before coming to Vietnam, the United States should prepare following documents to save the time to come back your country.

- The judicial profile issued by the authority of the resident country and is governed by the foreign diplomatic of that country. Foreigners should ask for some copies to use in other cases..

- The certificate of at least 5 year working experience of company which should be governed by the foreign diplomatic of that country. The foreigners should ask for some copies of this document.

- Other related certificates or degrees should be governed.

How to apply for work permit in Vietnam:

- A written request for grant of a work permit, made by the employer, the Vietnamese party or the representative of the foreign non-governmental organization

- Health check in residential country or in Vietnam by the Health Ministry

- The judicial profile issued by the authority of the resident country or the municipal office of Justice in Vietnam.

- The judicial profile issued by the municipal office of Justice in Vietnam.

For some trades and occupations, the certificate of the foreigner’s advanced professional or technical expertise may be substituted and must be governed.

- The formal document of Chairpersons of provincial-level People’s Committees about accepting foreign workers

- 02 colored photos (4x6 cm, bare head, straight face, clear face with two ears, no colored glasses, white background) taken within 6 months before the time of application

Those documents which are written in foreign languages must be consulate governed as the regulation and  translated into Vietnamese, and have them notarized under Vietnamese law. For documents related to the foreign workers which are exempted from consulate govern, they must be translated into Vietnam and notarized as the regulation of Vietnam Laws.

 work permit in vietnam for United states passport

Work Permits in Vietnam for United States citizens



Work Permit Extension

Before at least 10 days but not more than 30 days before the existing permit expires, the employer recruiting foreigners from Vietnam must submit documents to renew work permit to local Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Service where were initially granted the permit.

Documents included:

- The written request to renew the work permit of employer as the form of template 8.

- Copy of work contract;

- The current work permit;

Processing time: 10 working days.


 Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

Normally we can make 2 year or even  3 year residence card if client has his/her name in the investment certificate. When they have this card, they do not need to make visa or extend visa. Residence card is similar to long lasting visa in Vietnam.

The required documents:

- The written request of organization, enterprise or personal for temporary residence card;

- 01 declaration of information on foreigners applying for temporary residence card with photos and the seal of organization or enterprise guaranteeing application for Vietnam temporary residence

- 2 photos sized 3 x 4 cm;

- The passport of applicants

- Work Permit in Vietnam

Processing time: 7 working days.

residence card vietnam for United states citizens

Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam for United States passport



Apply for 03-year temporary residence card according to the spouse with Vietnamese

If a United States person has Certificate of Marriage with Vietnamese, passenger can apply for 03-year temporary residence card. When obtaining this 03-year temporary residence card, passenger can stay in Vietnam for 03 maximum continuous years under the term of the card without exit or visa extension. However, the purpose of this temporary residence card is to visit relative so passenger must still obtain work permit to work in Vietnam.

Procedures for applying for 03-year temporary residence card according to the spouse are as follows:

Step1: Apply for relative visit visa so that a foreigner can enter Vietnam with this relative visit visa

Step 2: The foreigner who entered Vietnam should prepare the following:

-       Original passport and valid visa denoted as TT

-       Forms as required by Vietnam Immigration Department certified by local public security

-       02 2x3 photos with white background

-       Certificate of Marriage, Family Household Book, ID Card of Vietnamese duplicated notarized

-       Residence certificate by local public security

-       Photo of relative visit visa


5 year visa exemption  certificate in Vietnam

5 year visa exemption  certificate in Vietnam

I. Who can get 5 year visa exemption certificate in Vietnam

- Vietnamese overseas have documents to prove Vietnam original

- The United States who hold foreign passport are spouses/children of Vietnam passport holders.

Visa to Vietnam for Angola

5 year visa exemption for United States

II. Required documents to get 5 year visa exemption

1. For Vietnamese residing abroad, the documents included:

a. 01  Visa Exemption Application 01 (As template);

b. 02 recent 4 x 6 cm photos (white background, straight face, bare head, no colored glasses) (1 photo stick in the form, 1 photo leaves separately)

c. Foreign passports or equivalent documents with validity of at least 6 months up to date of entry. If the applicant does not have a passport, he/she must submit a permanent resident’s permit  issued by foreign authorities with the validity of at least 6 months up to the date of entry (attached a copy for competent authority to file;

d. One of the following documents (attached copy for competent authority to file) if available:

- A certificate of Vietnamese citizenship;

- A copy or excerpt of the Decision for Recovery of Vietnamese citizenship;

- A copy or excerpt of the Decision for Renunciation of Vietnamese citizenship;

- Certificate of Lost of Vietnamese citizenship;

- A Vietnamese passport (valid or invalid)

- An Identity Card (valid or invalid)

- A Birth Certificate (Copy accepted)

- The latest voter’s card

- A Family Register Book

- A travel document issued before 1975

- An Identity Card issued before 1975

- An Excerpt from Birth Register issued before 1975

- Documents issued by competent foreign authorities if they can prove that the person in question has original Vietnamese citizenship or of Vietnamese origin.

e. In case of not having documents listed at section (d), the following documents could be submitted:

- A guarantee issued by an overseas Vietnamese association from the country of residence (in due form provided)

- A guarantee from a Vietnamese citizen (in due form provided)

The said documents do not need require further certification or verification.

2. With holders of foreign passports being wives, husbands, and children of a Vietnamese citizen or Vietnamese residing abroad, the attached file comprises of:

a. One application form for a visa exemption certificate.

b. One recent 2 x 2 inch photo (white background, straight face, bare head, without colored glasses) (1 photo stick in the form, 1 photo leaves separately)

c. A foreign passport with validity of at least 6 months up to date of entry (a copy attached for competent authority to file)

d. One of documents proving relationship between wives/husbands/children and the Vietnamese residing abroad (a copy attached for competent authority to file)

- Certificate of Marriage

- Certificate of Birth

- A Certificate of relationship with farther, mother, children;

- Other valid documents as regulated by the Vietnamese Law.

- Decision of Adoption

The time to  get Visa Exemption: 7 working days from the date of submitting all legal documents

Note: If the foreigners have 5 year Visa Exemption card in Vietnam, and they want to stay in Vietnam more than 3 months, they must extend visa when the stay of 3 month is over, each time  they can extend 3 month visa


To know new information about visa from 1st January, 2015, you can click at: Visa new information

From 1st January 2015, Vietnam immigration department has changed regulations about issuing visa, extending visa and visa code, 2 year residence card for foreigner in Vietnam. There is no change for visa on arrival except for visa code.

The content in this article:

- Visa code

- How to handle when the passport is lost?

- Apply and have visa on arrival done, but the schedule is changed and want to come earlier than the expected date on visa on arrival is not granted?

- The way to handle overdue visa and the way to extend a visa or make a new visa.

- Can I make a temporary residence card for 2 years without a labor permit license?

- How to handle when the temporary residence card is lost? How to do the new one?

- Make a work permit lance without judicial record overseas, confirmed on 5 years experience working.















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Do you have any question about making Vietnam visa, residence card or work permit for United States citizen? Please Contact Us


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new 1 year visa request from USA citizen
I read that I can now get a 1 year multi entry visa for Vietnam now. I am from America and am spending most of each year in Vietnam. So I get 3 month visa about every 3-4 months (I’m in Vietnam 3-4 months, then go back to USA for a few weeks, and return again to Vietnam).

What is the process and the costs to obtain a new 1 year visa? I am leaving HCM in 2 weeks and will return on 25-June-2016. I would like to obtain a 1 year visa before that time.
Hello, I am travelling to Vietnam in 2 weeks. I spend 2-3 months in Vietnam usually, and then return to the USA for 1 month, then back to Vietnam. So I’m in Vietnam about 8-9 months of the year with 3-5 flights a year to/from usa. I would like to get a 1 year visa to save some time at the airport each trip.

What is the cost and procedure for this visa?
Visa to Vietnam from CHina,
Hello, I am writing regarding my application for two (2) tourist visas. My billing address is in the United States but my shipping address is in China. Is this ok? When I tried to make my payment the system crashed. How long would it take to process / ship to China? (I arrive to Hanoi the 28th of April).
Dear visa service professional,

My wife and I are US citizens planning a trip to Vietnam on April 28.

We have read some information that since last August, US citizens are only allowed to get 1-year multiple-entry visas on arrival, but your website does not seem to mention this. Are you still able to get a 30-day single-entry visa for American citizens through your online process?

Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can make the proper application.
Dear Tom,

Thanks for your email

We would like to confirm you that now US citizens can apply for any types of Vietnam visa: 1 month, 3 month, six month or one year visa without any problem

You can apply 30 day single visa on arrival by applying on our website at: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/apply/

Should you need any further information, please let us know

I'm planning on teaching English in a school in Vietnam. I'm a US citizen with a valid passport (till 2021).

Could you please explain me what the necessary steps are to obtain a working visa?

I already found that I need:
- stamping fee (135$ paid in the airport) - valid for one year
- visa approval letter - for one year (what does this cost)

Are there other documents and costs? and most importantly where do I obtain them.

Is it possible to enter on a 3 month tourist visa and later switch to a working visa? or are there better options?

I hope you can answer all my questions. If something is unclear, please contact me via e-mail!

Kind regards
I'm looking to obtain VISA and an approval letter to enter Vietnam for vacation; do I need to purchase a flight ticket first or do that afterward?
Dear Ms. Van

Thanks for your email

You do not need returned tickets to get visa
My boyfriend and I are looking to extend current Vietnamese visa in Ho Chi Minh.

We applied for a 30-day online e-visa, which will expire on June 10th. We are interested in extending it for 3 more months or so. How much would it cost with your company and what do we need to do?

P.S. I am from Belarus and my boyfriend is from the US. Please see our visa scans in an attachment to this email.
I have a travel visa for one year and not a work visa I am married to a Vietnam national here . I have a Florida drivers license with motorcycles and also commercial drivers license I only wish to drive a motorcycle legally Here. Because I fly back-and-forth from states to Vietnam to be with my wife . Can I get A license here and still have my license in the United States to drive ? I appreciate any info you can give me,my name is David .
Dear Mr. David,

We can convert your driving license into Vietnamese driving license but you need to be at driving center in about 10 minutes to take photos and sign in documents in Ho Chi Minh City

The price for this service is as following

If you want to get car and motorbike driving licence which is valid as your passport: The fee is US$ 110

one year more : US$ 130
2 year more : US$ 160
3 year more : US$ 200
4 year more : US$ 240

Kindly tell me the type of driving license want to convert so that we can make it for you
I only need a motorcycle drivers license and my Florida drivers license has motorcycle Authorization on it . So how much is that if you can do it . And is it cheaper if I combined it with getting a extension for additional year added to my visa ?
Dear Mr. David,

The fee to get Vietnamese motorbike license is 90$

If you get one more year in visa, it will be cheaper and the price depends on the year you want to get license
To whom it may concern,

I need to have an extension for the Visa in this e-visa (ordered through Vietnam Visa Online before). Please inform me as soon as possible what do I need to do to apply for it.

Thanks a lot.
I am writing to ask for your help with applying for a single entry visitor visa to Vietnam. I am a United States citizen, and will be visiting Vietnam in a few weeks. My friend recommended I speak to you, as you helped her get a visa a few months ago for $18.99. Would you please let me know the process?

Thank you very much in advance. I greatly appreciate your help!
Dear Rey,

Thanks for your email

We are very happy to assist you with Vietnam visa
To make Vietnam visa, you can apply directly on our website at http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/apply/

Or send us your passport copy then we could do for you

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon
I am interested in getting a Vietnam drivers licence for driving a scooter. My United States drivers licence does not have the motorcycle endorsement and I understand I will need to take a driving test. I also have read that I need to get a temporary resident card. I currently have a 1 year visa. Can you help me with getting through this process - and if you can, do you have an approximate idea what it might cost. I appreciate your attention to my question. Thank you very much.
Dear James,

Thanks for your email

We can convert your US driving license which does not have motorcycle to Vietnamese car and motorcyle driving license. You do not need to have temporary resident card, you just need to have a valid visa then we can make up to 5 year valid driving license.

Can you send me your driver license and tell us how many year do you want to get Vietnamese driving license so that we can give you best price?

Check if you need a visa to Vietnam

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