Vietnam visa requirements for Hungary. This page provided informations about visa requirement or exemption for citizens of Hungary. Vietnamese or Hungary government policy may changes, now. If you've got new infos about requirements for Hungary 's passport holder, please contact us. Thank you!

Do Hungarian citizens need a visa to Vietnam?

Yes, hungary passport holders need a visa to Visit Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Requirement for Hungarian

Ø  Capital: Budapest

Ø  Country code: 36

Ø  Currency: Hungarian forint

Ø  Official language: Hungarian language

We wish to notify that you have to apply for a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam if you are a Hungary passport holder.

How to get Vietnam visa in Hungary?

There are 2 main ways for you to get Vietnam visa in Hungary:


1. Apply online to get your visa

a. At your arrival airport in Vietnam:
This is regarded as the fastest and easiest way for an air traveler to be granted a Vietnam visa. Using visa on arrival service from our website, you can receive the approval letter (issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department) to get Vietnam visa within 1 working day for normal service or just 2-3 working or non-working hours for rush service.
To apply, please follow the 4 simple steps below:

- Click here to fill in required information.
- Make payment (for service fee) via PayPal, credit card, Western Union or Bank transfer.
- Receive your approval letter from our email within 1 working day (normal service) or within required time (often from 2 to 9 hours depending on how rush your visa is).
- When you arrive at a Vietnam international airport, please present the approval letter, your passport, 2 passport photos (4x6 cm or 2x2 inches) and pay stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa.

b. At a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate:
If you would like to get your visa at a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate in a faster way, you can use our "Embassy visa" service and you can apply online to get the approval letter from us, bring it to the Vietnam embassy/consulate, submit required documents, pay stamping fee and get your Vietnam visa. Please note that this approval letter is not available for those who travel by sea to Vietnam.

2. Contact a Vietnam embassy/consulate:
Please come in person to a nearest Vietnam embassy during business hours to apply for your visa. The visa procedure and visa fee may vary from embassy to embassy and it normally takes you at least 3 working days to get your Vietnam visa.

To have contact information of the Vietnam Embassy in Argentina , please check in the box Vietnam Embassy Location at the footer of this page.


- Service fee: This is the fee you pay us for arranging your approval letter.

- Stamping fee: This is the fee you pay in cash at your arrival airport to be granted a Vietnam visa.

- Your passport must be valid for at least six months.


Comments + Q&A
Dear Ms. Jessica,

Per your advertisement and, accordingly, our agreement, my visa should be valid from July 14, 2016 until July 14, 2017. In fact, it is valid, in my passport now, from July 14, 2016 until June 2, 2017; 42 days, 11.5% short of 365. You serve international clientele and this outcome as well as your conduct that resulted in this are not acceptable by international standards.

First you sent me a faulty approval letter (for validity June 29, 2016 – June 2, 2017) as if all done: “We are pleased to inform that your visa application has been issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. We hereby send you the approval letter.” No Madam, you must not be pleased but deeply sorry for the mistake on your side, and correct immediately.

Then you made up ludicrous excuses, e.g. that the ministry made mistake not you – I had no business with the ministry but paid you a hefty fee to do it on my behalf. Or, you referred to an earlier visa – which lost validity when I stepped out of Vietnam, the visa at hand took effect later, when I stepped in, absolutely no connection.

I was coerced to tolerate four (!) incorrect steps of yours. 1. You wanted me to pay some fee of your bank. I obviously was to pay my bank to remit into the doorstep of yours, whatever happens within your bank, on your account is your turn. 2. When I agreed, you did not even tell me how much it would be. As I did not know how much to send I had to go from Vung Tau to your office. 3. You did not deliver in the promised one week, as the letter was wrong, the correction was to take extra time. 4. Then you just declared that the visa would not be valid for a year as advertised, promised, paid for but five days less.

After all this, you did not answer my messages on the merit, or not at all. I had to spend precious time and some money in Hong Kong on access to a computer and internet for checking if you sent me at last what you were obliged to much earlier. You did not, not even an apology.

Your visa is much costlier than four consecutive tourist visas, three months each. I chose this because this was my last fully blank visa page in my passport. Hence this one-and-a-half-month loss is not only in my stay but also how long I can use this passport.

You mentioned compensation, hence:
Plan A
After all this nuisance, the rock bottom is the double of the material damage, 23% (US$455x0.23=104.7) US$20 for my hydrofoil and local bus tickets if I am to collect it.

I trust you accept this, rather modest claim. If not, of course, I cannot litigate. Hence:
Plan B
This is the age of the internet and in particular social networking. People consult relevant websites before placing a US$ multi-hundred order. Practically every foreigner who lives or plan to live in Vietnam would find well established warning never to turn to your company.

I am tired of arguing with you. Please only choose: Plan A exactly as it is, or not; “not” means Plan B. I trust you pick A, while, however, ready to implement B if I am extorted to.
Dear Dr. Gyo,

Thanks for your email

As we have told you before, we are really sorry for the problem the immigration department made with your visa

We also have talked with immigration department and now they gave us two options for you

1. We will refund you the fee for 45 losing days. That means (45/365) * 455$ = 56$

2. We will refund you all the money you have paid for us US$ 455 visa stamping fee of US$ 135 you paid at the airport for the wrong approval letter. You will give us your passport then we will go to immigration department to cancel your visa. As this is the mistake of immigration department so they have the responsibility in canceling the visa for you. (In document we submitted for them, we noted your date of arrival as 13th July 2016 but as we said we do not know why they issued visa from 29th June)

We hope you can choose one of two options and let us know your decision
Best regards
Dear Ms. Jessica,

1. US$56 is no compensation for all this nuisance. (To boot, as I have noted, one round-trip from my residence to your office, Hydrofoil and local buses, takes 20; and a day).

2. If my visa is cancelled I am here illegally; you are trying to trap me into jail.

Just in your last two messages: On July 6, ‘In fact, the visa should be valid from July 14 2016 till July 04 2017’ July 04 is obviously incorrect. Yesterday, ‘we noted your date of arrival as 13th July 2016’ earlier you said you had noted the correct date, July 14; and you counted with 45 lost days while, as I wrote, it is 42; even your ‘generous’ offer was based on another mistake. – Incorrect data, false statements like in each and every message of yours.

Everybody may make a mistake but your elementary duty was to ask for correction immediately; especially as it was wrong, as I pointed out right away, even on its own, false premises. Instead, you sent it to me with pleasure and did not even try to correct for more than a week, until I, after many polite requests, demanded it.

As I have noted I am tired of arguing with you. I can only stay as a victim of your total lack of expertise and business ethics; and share my experience as wide as possible.

Please do not bother me anymore,
Dear George

Thanks for your email

We know that it is tiring for both of us but this is unexpected problem and we did not want that happen. The immigration department is the one who issued visa for you and we do not want to make wrong visa for you. We have submitted the correct information to them and we ourselves does not know why they issued visa like that. Other clients apply for one year visa and they do not have such a problem. We also ask them to correct it as it is not our mistake but they did not do. They said they have issued and it can not be corrected. We know reputation is important for us as we have been working in this aspect more than 7 years and this is the first time we have met such a problem. We do not want to have the complaint from clients

For the first option, we also calculate the 45 days you lost and refund you. The immigration department did not refund us anything and we have to pay for you by yourself. For the money you paid for buses to come to our office, it is out of budget as we have informed you that you can make bank transfer to us. The price we gave you excluded this type of fee. If you have full year visa, we will not refund this amount for you (and for all of our clients, we are not responsible for this fee)

We think that it is fair to refund you (45/365) * 455$ = 56$

For the second option, of course, you will not be illegal to stay here because they will give you an extended visa in 15 days so that you can leave Vietnam after one year visa is canceled. As this is their mistake so they have the responsibility to fix it and make sure that you can leave Vietnam legally

From the bottom of our heart, we are sorry for the problem you had and hope you understand for us. You can choose the option you think it is best and tell us know soon
Dear Jessica,

My current visa expires on July 9 not June 29. The letter is wrong even on its own, false premise: June 29, 2016 plus one year minus five days is June 23, 2017, not June 02. All this, however, is absolutely irrelevant.

I can get the new visa upon entry to Vietnam only. I could arrange this online whether or not I am in Vietnam, i.e. whether or not I have any ‘current Vietnam visa’.

Who and on what basis can overrule my and my sponsor’s sovereign decision on the starting date? To connect it to my prior (to this entry on this visa) location; to the unrelated expiration date of an unrelated visa? We embark on July 14, irrespectively where on Earth I will have been up to that date; and when; and on what visa. If we agreed to start half a year or more after I leave, and render my current visa for history, would I lost half or more of my permit to stay?

I have to accept that the duration of the visa is five days shorter than its official title. It would be preposterous though if I were robbed of another thirty-six days under a ridiculous pretense. Our relation starts on July 14, 2016 and ends one year minus five days later: July 8, 2017.

I have applied for visa on-line twice and also had a two-year-term Temporary Residence Card. All the three were processed in correct, professional manner. Please find the right person to do so with this one too. Thank you.

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