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Croatia (Hrvatska)

Vietnam visa requirements for Croatia (Hrvatska). This page provided informations about visa requirement or exemption for citizens of Croatia (Hrvatska). Vietnamese or Croatia (Hrvatska) government policy may changes, now. If you've got new infos about requirements for Croatia (Hrvatska) 's passport holder, please contact us. Thank you!

Do Croatian citizens need a visa to Vietnam?

Yes, croatia-hrvatska passport holders need a visa to Visit Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Requirement for Croatian


Ø  Capital: Zagreb

Ø  Country code: 385

Ø  Currency: Croatian kuna

Ø  Official language: Croatian language

We wish to notify that you have to apply for a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam if you are a Croatia passport holder.

How to get Vietnam visa in Croatia?

There are 2 main ways for you to get Vietnam visa in Croatia:


1. Apply online to get your visa

a. At your arrival airport in Vietnam:
This is regarded as the fastest and easiest way for an air traveler to be granted a Vietnam visa. Using visa on arrival service from our website, you can receive the approval letter (issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department) to get Vietnam visa within 1 working day for normal service or just 2-3 working or non-working hours for rush service.
To apply, please follow the 4 simple steps below:

- Click here to fill in required information.
- Make payment (for service fee) via PayPal, credit card, Western Union or Bank transfer.
- Receive your approval letter from our email within 1 working day (normal service) or within required time (often from 2 to 9 hours depending on how rush your visa is).
- When you arrive at a Vietnam international airport, please present the approval letter, your passport, 2 passport photos (4x6 cm or 2x2 inches) and pay stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa.

b. At a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate:
If you would like to get your visa at a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate in a faster way, you can use our "Embassy visa" service and you can apply online to get the approval letter from us, bring it to the Vietnam embassy/consulate, submit required documents, pay stamping fee and get your Vietnam visa. Please note that this approval letter is not available for those who travel by sea to Vietnam.

2. Contact a Vietnam embassy/consulate:

Please come in person to a nearest Vietnam embassy during business hours to apply for your visa. The visa procedure and visa fee may vary from embassy to embassy and it normally takes you at least 3 working days to get your Vietnam visa.

To have contact information of the Vietnam Embassy in Argentina , please check in the box Vietnam Embassy Location at the footer of this page.


- Service fee: This is the fee you pay us for arranging your approval letter.

- Stamping fee: This is the fee you pay in cash at your arrival airport to be granted a Vietnam visa.

- Your passport must be valid for at least six months.


Comments + Q&A
Dear Sir/Madam,

I found about your website on the internet and i am writing you about visa for Vietnam.

I am a Turkish citizen but i live in Croatia. I am going to arrive in Hanoi, with my husband, by plane on 25th July, which is very soon.

I read that you provide a visa approval letter which i can show to officers at the airport in Vietnam and get my visa there at the airport. Could you please confirm this ?
If you are giving this service can i learn more about the process and costs ? As i do not have too much time i would be glad if you can answer and help me as soon as possible.

​Thank you very much in advance,
Best regards​
Dear Asena,

Thanks for your email

We would like to confirm you that Turkish can get visa on arrival, we will make approval letter for you and then you will get visa stamp at Vietnam airport.

TUrkey is listed as limited nationality when applying Vietnam visa. You can see the list of limited countries at: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/article/vietnam-visa-tips/vietnam-visa-on-arrival-for-africa-middle-east/

Because the rules cause the difficulty and more requirement so it takes time, effort and fee to make visa for Turkey passport holder.. This is also why the fee to make visa for you is more expensive than other unlimited countries like UK, Canada, Germany, America, etc. It costs US$ 130/person to make one month single entry

You also need to send us following documents

- Your scanned colour passport
-Your residence card or visa in Croatia

- It takes 5 working days to get approval visa.

You can click this link for payment: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/payment-online/ or have a look at this link for other payment methods: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/article/vietnam-visa-tips/instructions-to-pay-for-visa/.

We are looking forward to hearing from you
Dear viza support,

Thank you very much for your kind answer.

If i apply today i can get the approval letter in 5 working days, is it correct ? My flight is on 24th July so i do not have much time that is why i am concerned.

In the case of i can not get it, do you refund the money ?

Lastly do you need any booking from hotels/hostels ? I have the residence card for Croatia so that is not problem to send.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Best regards
Dear Z. Asena,

Thanks for your reply

If you send us documents today, we will send you visa on 18th July as the latest time

In case of being rejected for any reasons, we will refund you all the money

If you have hotel booking, please send us. And give us your date of arrival and date of return so that we can make visa basing on this information (Not more than 22 days)

Should you need any further information, please let us know
Dear visa support

Thanks a lot for the prompt answer.

As you can see on my flight ticket i am going to arrive in Hanoi 25th July 2017 and i am leaving the country on 12th August 2017.

You will see in the attached fileS all my documents and bookings. Please let me know if you need something else and pls lead me for the payment.
Dear Asena,

Thanks for your reply

We already got all requirement to make visa

For payment, You can click this link to pay: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/payment-online/ or have a look at this link for other payment methods: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/article/vietnam-visa-tips/instructions-to-pay-for-visa/.

Check if you need a visa to Vietnam

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