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Vietnam visa requirements for Cameroon. This page provided informations about visa requirement or exemption for citizens of Cameroon. Vietnamese or Cameroon government policy may changes, now. If you've got new infos about requirements for Cameroon 's passport holder, please contact us. Thank you!

Do Cameroonian citizens need a visa to Vietnam?

Yes, cameroon passport holders need a visa to Visit Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Requirement for Cameroonian

Ø  Capital: Yaoundé

Ø  Currency: Central African CFA franc

Ø  Country code: 237

Ø  Official language: French Language, English Language

We wish to notify that you have to apply for a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam if you are a Cameroon passport holder.

1/      Passport

The passport of applicants should satisfy following requirements

-       Have at least 2 blank pages to get visa stamp and seal at Vietnam international airports

-       Have at least 6 month validity counted from your date of arrival to Vietnam

 Cameroon pasport how to get vietnam visa

Cameroon passport 

2/      Stamp Visa at Vietnam international airport

Cameroon passport holder can use their Visa to enter Vietnam, passenger can stamp visa at one of Vietnam international airport gates such as Noi Bai, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Tan Son Nhat

To stamp Visa at the airport, passenger should prepare the following documents:

-       Visa Approval Letter by Vietnam Immigration Department

-       Immigration Form

-       Passport and remaining  term of over 6 months, with at least 2 blank pages

-       2 4x6 photos with white background

-       Fee for Visa stamped

When clients choose visa on arrival and get visa stamping at Vietnam's international airports are you afraid of having  problems at the airport for stamping visa such as be bothered or made difficult by airport security or no one assists procedures for visa stamping at the Vietnamese international airports or could be denied visa stamping and rejected for entry?

You can choose our fast track service to have quick support for stamping visa at Vietnam airports. To know more, you can click: HERE

We affirm that there is no client who has ever been denied stamping visa or refused entry to Vietnam by Vietnam international airport security if getting visa approval letter from our company. Clients must follow our step-by-step instructions to enter Vietnam normally. You can take our fast track service into your consideration to avoid any problem with visa procedure or airport security to have best time for your trip.

 In addition to fee for Visa dispatch, passenger must also pay fee for Visa stamp  as follows:

Kinds of visa on arrival

Stamping fee/pax (USD)

1 month single


1 month multiple


3 months single


3 months multiple


6 months multiple


1 year multiple



3/      Entry Visa for Cameroon people

According to the regulations of the government of Vietnam, Vietnam Immigration Department, all the citizens of the countries in the world and the Cameroon passport holders can apply visa to enter Vietnam.

We can apply for entry Visas for Cameroon people including 1-month type (one time or many times), 3-month type (one time or many times), 06-month or 1-year type (many times)

Cameroon people can apply for Visa on arrival Vietnam for purposes such as tourism, trade, work, relative visit, medical treatment, marriage, etc.

 visa approval letter vietnam for cameroon passport

Approval Letter Visa Vietnam For Cameroon

a/.     Procedures for tourism visa and relative visit Visa:

-       Scan passport surface and send email to us

-       Expected Date of Entry to and expected Date of Exit from Vietnam

-       Place of stamping Visa: Any international airport in Vietnam or Vietnam embassy passenger wants to go to stamp Visa

-       Time for obtaining Visa: 5-7 working days,

b/.     Procedures for trade Visa:

To apply for trade Visa, passenger must have a Company in Vietnam agreed to guarantee and sign documents as required by Vietnam Immigration Department, procedures for trade Visa are as follows:

-       Firstly, passenger must scan documents and information then send email to us: Passport surface of Cameroon person and scan business registration certificate of Vietnamese Company, Expected Date of Entry and Place of stamping Visa.

-       Then, we will prepare dossiers then send back for Vietnamese Company to print and seal and Director to sign. Then, that Company will send dossier set back to us.

-       After Visa completed, we will send it to you and provide instructions for use to stamp Visa in international airport in Vietnam.

-       Time for obtaining trade Visa is normally 4 working days.

c/.     Procedures for work Visa in Vietnam:

Procedures for work Visa are the same as trade Visa. To apply for work Visa, passenger must have work permit in Vietnam; otherwise, passenger can only apply for trade or tourism Visa.


  1. Passenger does not have a Company in Vietnam agreed to guarantee, please let us know so we can handle trade visa in our way
  2. Time for tourism or trade Visa for Cameroon people can be faster than 5 days; Or Visa can be obtained urgently in 01, 02 days but passenger must pay extra fee.
  3. Dossier set submitted by us to apply for Visa is irrevocable so at that time passenger must still pay fee as normal
  4. In case Visa cannot be obtained by our fault, we will: redo or correct free of charge or refund as required by passenger
  5. When obtaining Visa, passenger can fly or travel by road or waterway from Cameroon or from other countries to Vietnam


 4/           Where passenger can apply for Vietnam Entry Visa?

-       Cameroon people can apply for Entry Visa online on our website or via email to us.

-       Passenger can go to the Embassy and apply for visa at Vietnam Embassy in Cameroon or Vietnam Embassy in another country.


5/          List of countries exempt from visa to enter Vietnam



Term of residence



less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 21 days


less than 15 days

South Korea

less than 15 days



less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days

United Kingdom

less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


 6/         Visa form

Cameroon passport holder can fill out information for Visa in form HERE or download this Vietnam Visa Application Form to fill out then send email to us to: support@vietnamvisaonline.net

Entry and Exit Form (Form to fill out immigration information at Vietnam International Airports), passenger should prepare this form before entering Vietnam to save time at the counter for Visa stamping procedures and immigration procedures.


7/           How to obtain Vietnam Entry Visa for Cameroon passport holder?

There are two ways Cameroon passport holder can apply for Vietnam Entry Visa:

Apply for Vietnam visa online:

a/.     Stamp visa when entering any international border in Vietnam:

This is the simplest and fastest way for Cameroon passport holder. To apply for visa online, passenger can visit our website or send email to us, after 5-7 working days, passenger will receive visa dispatch issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.

 b/.       Stamp visa at Vietnam Embassy in Cameroon or another country with Vietnam Embassy

To apply for visa online and stamp visa at Vietnam Embassy, passenger must send us address of Vietnam Embassy passenger wants to go to stamp visa. After visa is completed and sent to the passenger, passenger must follow our instructions to stamp visa


 8/           Vietnam visa extension for Cameroon passport holder

According to the provisions of the Government of Vietnam, foreigners in general and Cameroon passport holders in particular are only allowed to stay in Vietnam for 06 maximum continuous months.

If passenger has visa expired without further extension, passenger will be punished due to overdue visa, can be deported from Vietnam and listed on the entry blacklist.

Passenger entering at Tan Son Nhat border gate in Ho Chi Minh City, Moc Bai border gate Tay Ninh Province will easily extend and save cost than Noi Bai Hanoi or Da Nang, Nha Trang.

Procedures for Vietnam visa extension for Cameroon people with the purpose of tourism, trade, work, relative visit are as follows:

 Tourism visa extension:

-       Valid passport and visa

-       01 4x6 photo with white background

-       Residence certificate by local public security.

-       Visa extension period is 5 working days

 Trade visa extension:

-       Valid passport and visa

-       Guarantee company dossier in Vietnam

-       NA5 form sealed by the Company in Vietnam

-       01 4x6 photo with white background

-       Residence certificate by local public security.

-       Visa extension period is 5 working days

Work visa extension:

-       Valid passport and visa

-       Guarantee company dossier in Vietnam

-       NA5 form sealed by the Company in Vietnam

-       Valid original work permit

-       01 4x6 photo with white background

-       Residence certificate by local public security.

-       Visa extension period is 5 working days

-       Visa extension period will depend on the remaining term of work permit. 

 Some notes on visa extension:

-       Visa extension procedures depend on the purpose of the latest entry visa

-       Vietnam border gate where passenger enters will determine extension cost

-       The latest date of entry will impact significantly on extension cost

-       Passenger should provide us with number of extensions and places of extension.

-       Normally visa may be extended only up to 3 months, but with trade visa, work visa we can extend up to 06 months or 1 year


9/        Apply for work permit in Vietnam for Cameroon people

Before entering Vietnam, passenger should prepare some paperwork in advance to apply for work permit in Vietnam as follows:

-       University degree,

-       Certificate of work experience above 03 years,

-       Criminal Record Check in that country,

-       Certificate of Marriage if any,

-       Child (ren)’s Birth Certificate if any.

All these papers must be certified by The Cameroon Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If these papers are issued by the Government or Companies in another country, they must be consularly legalized under the government of that country.

Maximum term of work permit as prescribed is 02 years.

For more details on work permit, please see more here: work permit in Vietnam

work permit in vietnam for cameroon passport

Work Permit In Vietnam For Cameroonian


 10/          Apply for 02-year temporary residence card for Cameroon people

Typically, temporary residence card is issued for the term of work permit up to 02 years. If passenger is named in the Business Registration Certificate and contributes shares to invest in Vietnam, 3-year temporary residence card can be obtained.

Temporary residence card is a form of long-term visa. In case of obtaining temporary residence card, passenger may stay in Vietnam continuously for a long time under the term of temporary residence card.

residence card vietnam for cameroon

Temporary residence card Vietnam for Cameroon pasport 

Procedures for applying for temporary residence card:

-       Original passport and valid visa

-       02 2x3 photos with white background

-       Guarantee company dossier

-       Forms sealed and signed by the Company

-       Original work permit

-       Residence certificate by local public security

-       Time for obtaining temporary residence card is 5-7 working days

If passenger is followed by spouse and children, passenger must apply for relative visit visa for spouse and children first so that they can enter Vietnam with this relative visit visa then after their entry in Vietnam, apply for temporary residence card for those spouse and children.

In the dossier set to apply for temporary residence card for those spouse and children, passenger must supplement certificate of marriage and birth certificate translated and notarized.


 11/         Apply for 05-year visa exemption certificate for a spouse married Vietnamese

In order to apply for 05-year visa exemption certificate, an Cameroon person must marry Vietnamese and obtain Certificate of Marriage issued by the Government of Vietnam or another country.

After obtaining 05-year visa exemption certificate, each time passenger enters will be exempt from visa up to 06 months. After this 06-month visa expired, passenger must exit from Vietnam or extend visa if wishing to stay in Vietnam for another time, maximum extension time each is 03 months.


 12/            Apply for 03-year temporary residence card according to the spouse with Vietnamese

If a Cameroon person has Certificate of Marriage with Vietnamese, passenger can apply for 03-year temporary residence card. When obtaining this 03-year temporary residence card, passenger can stay in Vietnam for 03 maximum continuous years under the term of the card without exit or visa extension. However, the purpose of this temporary residence card is to visit relative so passenger must still obtain work permit to work in Vietnam.

Procedures for applying for 03-year temporary residence card according to the spouse are as follows:

Step1: Apply for relative visit visa so that a foreigner can enter Vietnam with this relative visit visa

Step 2: The foreigner who entered Vietnam should prepare the following:

-       Original passport and valid visa denoted as TT

-       Forms as required by Vietnam Immigration Department certified by local public security

-       02 2x3 photos with white background

-       Certificate of Marriage, Family Household Book, ID Card of Vietnamese duplicated notarized

-       Residence certificate by local public security

-       Photo of relative visit visa

Cameroon, officially the Republic of Cameroon (French: République du Cameroun), is a country in Central Africa. It is bordered by Nigeria to the west; Chad to the northeast; the Central African Republic to the east; and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south. Cameroon's coastline lies on the Bight of Biafra, part of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Largest cities or towns in Cameroon















Far North






Far North






Far North







Do you have any question about making Vietnam visa, residence card or work permit for Cameroon citizen? Please Contact Us



Comments + Q&A
Hello Visa Vietnam Office in Ho CHi Minh
I am Imran hope you remember me, My multiple visa expired on 18th December, I want apply again vn visa but I want yearly visa, I am tired apply visa every three months that's why I need yearly visa ,if you help me let me know.
Atthe moment, i am living in Hongkong, CHina. I will come to Bangkong, Thailand next week
Hi Imran
You need a sponsor company in Vietnam and work permit for making one year visa.
If you cannot arrange that, we can hire a company to sponsor you and make 2 year business visa for you.
Thanks it's better if you hire a sponsor company,please let me know the price of two year visa??
Hi Imran,
We need a copy of your university degree and working experience certificate. Can you provide those to us?
Hi vietnam visa support
Yes I will provide you all documents, may I know the visa price and how much time takes for approval?

I will start process next month now a days I am living in Thailand, I have my bachelor's degree verified by Notary public.
Hi Imran,
We need a copy of your university degree and working experience certificate. Can you provide those to us?
The mentioned documents have to be legalized by the Consulate.

We also need your Health Checking results and police clearance in Vietnam.
We will make work permit for you first, then proceed making 2 year visa for you. This will take about 2 months and $1400.
Dear vietnam visa support,

I am ready to apply for the 2 years visa. Before I would just like to clarify 2 aspects as follows:

1) I have a Thai Privilegevisa for 5 years and I am staying here in Thailand. I plan to come the Vietnam for 2-3 days once a month or in two months. Since this Vietnamese visa is a working visa, I wonder if I will get in trouble with immigration office for staying just 2-3days in here with the working visa.

2) I would like to pay 50%of your fee now and 50% later on.

Can you please advise me regarding my 2 inquiries? Thank you in advance.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Dear Mr. Imran,

Happy New Year!

I am sorry for not writing you earlier. We had holiday and just back to work today.

We would like to answer your question as following

1) I have a Thai Privilegevisa for 5 years and I am staying here in Thailand. I plan to come the Vietnam for 2-3 days once a month or in two months. Since this Vietnamese visa is a working visa, I wonder if I will get in trouble with immigration office for staying just 2-3days in here with the working visa.

=>> It will not be trouble if you use working visa in case you just stay 2-3 days in Vietnam.

2) I would like to pay 50%of your fee now and 50% later on.

=>> We accept that you can pay us 50% for deposit and once residence card is ready you can pay 50% for balance.

To make it, you need to send us following documents

- Passport copy
- Health Certificate
- Police clearance in Vietnam.
- your university degree and working experience certificate - Must be legalized and translated, notarized

Should you need any further information, please let us know

Best regards
Hello Miss,
I am staying in Bangkok, next week I back to my country and will prepare police certificate in English,I saw your given hospital list all are hospitals located in vn, I hvt vn visa this time how can I do medical test? Please guide me.
Dear Mr. Imran

If you get health certificate in foreign country, it is fine but the certificate should be legalized, notarized and translated
Dear Miss,
I have 8 months older medical certificate, I got from Thai hospital that certificate is in English. Let me know this certificate is ok?
Dear Mr. Imran

The certificate should be 6 month valid from the date of submission so your old certificate can not be used now
Dear Miss,
Thanks for provinding the support, I will submit all documents next week along with fee.
Dear Mr. Imran
I got my medical certificate please check and let me know.
1- Medical certificate
2- passport copy
3- Bachelor's degree

We have checked your documents but they are not legalized yet. You should bring those documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country to get it legalized and then bring to Vietnam Embassy/Consulate to translated and get it notarized
Dears Miss,
Thanks for guiding, I will sent all documents this month end if I need any help I will contact you again. If I visit vn embassy in my country might they ask the question tell us company name and which position your applying I dnt know about this information. This is just my thinking might be they never say any question but I want to prepare myself.
Does i have to verify my medical certificate from notaripublic? Did you check my graduate degree? It's verified from notaripublic.
Dear Mr. Imran

As we have told you, all documents must be legalized, notarized and translated in to Vietnam. You can do it by going to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country to get it legalized and then bring to Vietnam Embassy/Consulate to translated and notarized

For sure, the people at embassy will not ask such questions

If they ask, you can provide this information

Address: Ground floor, Number 10B, Lane 10, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Dakao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (Near crossroads of Nguyen Binh Khiem Street and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street)
Phone: 84 903232848
Position: sales manager
Dear Miss,
Thanks again I booked my flight Bangkok to Cameroon 13th of Jan, I try best to sent the documents as soon as possible.
I am going back to my country on 13feb and I can prepare all documents.
I have researched on my Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they can only legalize the medical certificate. Passport copy cannot be legalized there as it is already issued by my country. I paste below the link from my Foreign Affairs's Ministry ( in English) http://www.mofa.gov....

For police record I can get it from my local police station. Is it enough to legalize it with notary?

Which documents exactly you need translated in Vietnamese?
Dear Mr. Imran,

You do not need to legalize passport, only medical certificate and education certificate

For Police record, you will do it in Vietnam, not your country

Thanks for fast answer.
Also medical certificate and education certificate they need to be translated into Vietnamese?

As per your guidance, I have got my graduation degree and Medical Fitness certificate attested / counter signed from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cameroon. Later on once I called to Vietnam Embassy for its translation into Veitnamis language, they said that they can only counter signed it but cannot translate into Veitnamis language. Consequently may I can forward / mail my graduation degree and medical fitness certificate for translating into Veitnamis language so that I can get it countersigned from Vietnam Embassy in Cameroon. I will be highly obliged for your cooperation in this regard. Thanks
Dear Mr. Imran

for those documents, you can bring to Vietnam to get it translated. Now you only need to get legalized and notarized as we have instructed you before
Dear Miss!
As per your instructions, all the documents have been prepared duly legalized and notarized. I am sending you following documents as you requested:-
1. Graduation degree duly legalized/notarized from Higher Education Commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cameroon (backside).
2. Medical Fitness Certificate duly verified from Ministry of Foreign Affair of Cameroon (front and back).
3. Police Verification Certificate legalized / verified (frontside).
4. Copy of Passport.
5. Experience letter duly notarized (frontside).
Please check all documents that I am sending you and tell me that all are ok or otherwise. Moreover, once I will visit you I will provide/bring all original documents along with me for you.
Dear Mr. Imran

Your documents are fine now. When you are in Vietnam, we can start making residence card for you

When will you come back Vietnam?
Dear Miss,

Thanks for informing me, I haven't got a Vietnamese visa yet.
Kindly let me know how can I arrive in VN without it?
Also please let me know how many days I need to stay in Vietnam.

Best regards,
Dear Mr. Imran

Do you have those documents confirmed by Vietnam Embassy? If not,

Please bring those documents to
Embassy of Vietnam in Alger, ALGERIA with the plurality of Cameroon
Address: 30, Rue Chénoua, Hydra, Alger, ALGERIA
Phone: 00213 21 69 27
Fax: 00213 21 69 377
Note: Office hour: Sunday - Thursday: Morning: 8.00a.m - 11.30a.m Afternoon: 14.00p.m - 16.30p.m

And get them confirmed by Vietnam Embassy

As it takes 45 working days to get work permit and 10 working days to get residence card so we have some options for you as following

1. In case you do not want to go to Vietnam in 60 days, you should

- Make a copy of your passport (all pages) on A4 paper and bring it to Embassy of Vietnam in ALGERIA to get it confirmed (All attached documents should be confirmed too)
- Send all documents (included confirmed passport copy) via courier to us then we will make work permit for you
- After we inform you that work permit is ready, you will make one month single LD visa with us (the company on work permit will guarantee for you) and come to Vietnam. We will make residence card for you in 10 working days

2. In case you go to Vietnam in 90 days, you should

- Make three month business visa (If you do not leave Vietnam in 90 days) or three month multiple business visa (if you have plan to go out of Vietnam in these 90 days)
- Give us all documents: Legalized documents, original passport (we need original passport in few days to get notarized)
- We make work permit in 45 days for you
- After we have work permit, we will make residence card and give you back after 10 working days

I hope everything is clear now and you can ask any question

For the fee of visa, it does not include in the fee to make residence card
Dear Miss,
I am worried I left my country this time I am at Bangkok, I have all original documents please guide me what will I do now?
Dear Mr. Imran

Thanks for your email

In this case, you can bring those documents to get them legalized Or bring/send via courier to us so that we can do it for you
Dear Miss,
It's more convenient for me to send via courier, please take care of my educational degree, it's very important for me, give me your address today I will try to dispatch.
Dear Mr Imran

We got your documents but you do not send passport notarized copy so you must go to VN then we can do it for you
Dear Miss,
I just realized I forgot it in my country.
I will ask my brother to send it to you directly within today or tomorrow.
Please let me know when you receive it.

Thank you
Dear MR. Imran

We checked and found some problems as below. We have informed you many times before

1- Certificate and qualification: It is ok

2- 3 year working experience: The content is ok but it was not legalized in Cameroon

3- Police clearance: IT is valid but it was not legalized

4- Health certificate:The content is not enough

5/ The passport copy : All pages and must be legalized

===> There are two options to make work permit

Option 1:
You go to Vietnam and make other documents:

- health certificate

- Vietnam police clearance

Option 2:
If you do not go to Vietnam now, you should provide following documents

- Health certificate to state that you have good health to work, the health certificate should be confirmed by big hospitals and it must be legalized in that country

- Police clearance: the document you sent us was not legalized

- Passport copy (all page) must be legalized

Please legalize it (as you did with certificate) so that we can do
Dear Miss,
As per our previous conversation, I was told you which kind of documents legalize from ministry of foreign affair, they just only legalize education certificate and medical certificate, I have sent you before ministry of foreign affair web link please check and verify, I just legalized only education and medical certificate please check front and back side of certifates and the other documents I just notrised, you said my medical certificate content is not enough. Miss that medical certificate issued by Government Hospital and verified by ministery of foreign affairs,every country has different law and in my country we follow these rules, as per your suggestion I would like to visit Vietnam and wants to adopt first option, its more convenient for you, I don't have any problem so might be I will be visit next month end, I will message you one week before and please prepare multiple business visa for me that time.
Dear Miss,

I hope everything is well.
I would like to come to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city Friday, 21 April. I will arrive early morning and come straight to your office in the afternoon to get advice on the medical certificate and Vietnamese police verification I need to get in Vietnam.

Can you please tell me how many days it takes to get them both? I need to get back in Bangkok early the other week (Monday, Tuesday).

Also, I would like to apply now for a 3 month Multiple Entry Business visa for Vietnam. Please process my application, you have all my documents already.

I would like to pay you in cash Friday 21April for my 3 Month multiple entry visa and 50% cash for my 2 years visa also in cash that Friday. Is it possible?

Kindly let me know how much I need to pay for the 3 month multiple visa for Vietnam entry.

Thank you
I am Mr Fonyi, a male Cameroonian, currently living and working in China with my family. We decided to visit Vietnam this summer vacation applied for visa online and have made proper travel arrangements including payment and confirmation of our round trip flight tickets. It's a few days to our departure date but we haven't received a visa approval email from you, just wanted to confirm. I will forward our passport pages for your verification, thanks and hoping to hear from you soon.
Hi Miss

I am interested in applying for a Vietnam business or tourism visa. , I need 6 months or 1-year multiple entry visa.

Please kindly tell me the procedure for this, hoping to hear from you asap.

Thanks Julius
Good morning. I am called ndolo from cameroon. I wish to find out more about the visa on arrival process for cameroonian.I also wish to know more about the approval letter. I want to apply for a non B visa for 3 months. Please if I certify my documents from the senoir Divisional officer from my home country or the police will it be considered same as authentification? Please clarify me the diffrence between authentification and certifying.
Also I will like to know does a Non B visa of 3 months permit me to work in vietnam..i.e the visa I get on arrival

Check if you need a visa to Vietnam

Check Vietnam visa Requirements for citizens of