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Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Congo

This page provided informations about Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in Congo. Depending on bilateral relations between Vietnam and Congo, this informations can be changed. If you've got new infos, please contact us with the contact form below. Thank you!


At the present, in Congo, there is no representative office of Vietnam's government so in order to make visa code or get visa stamped, you should contact with Vietnam Embassy in a neighboring country. However Congo citizens can apply visa on arrival and get visa stamped at Vietnam airport upon arrival.


Apply Vietnam visa on arrival for citizens of Congo:

This is regarded as the fastest and easiest way for an air traveler to be granted a Vietnam visa. Using visa on arrival service from our website, you can receive the approval letter (issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department) to get Vietnam visa within 2-3 working day for normal service or just 8 hours for rush service.

To apply, please follow the 4 simple steps below:

- Click here to fill in required information.
- Make payment (for service fee) via PayPal, credit card, Western Union or Bank transfer.
- Receive your approval letter within 1 working day (normal service) or within required time (often from 2 to 9 hours depending on how rush your visa is).
- When you arrive at a Vietnam international airport, please present the approval letter, your passport, 2 passport photos (4x6 cm or 2x2 inches) and pay stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa.


The mean of transportation in Congo is very different. The internet connection is not widely used for all provinces in Congo so Congolese can get Vietnam visa on arrival.

However clients who have Congolese passports are staying in third country where they have or do not have Vietnam Embassy/ consulate can use visa on arrival as normal.

They can also go to Embassy to get Vietnam visa to know details about making and using Vietnam visa on arrival, please check HERE

The country is currently divided into the city-province of Kinshasa and 25 other provinces.

1. Kinshasa

14. Ituri

2. Kongo-Central

15. Haut-Uele

3. Kwango

16. Tshopo

4. Kwilu

17. Bas-Uele

5. Mai-Ndombe

18. Nord-Ubangi

6. Kasaï

19. Mongala

7. Kasaï-Central

20. Sud-Ubangi

8. Kasaï-Oriental

21. Équateur

9. Lomami

22. Tshuapa

10. Sankuru

23. Tanganyika

11. Maniema

24. Haut-Lomami

12. South Kivu

25. Lualaba

13. North Kivu

26. Haut-Katanga


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