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Super urgent Vietnam visa service within 1, 2, 4 hours

Super urgent Vietnam visa serviceWe will make vietnam visa with super urgent service in 1 or 2 hours so that you can enter in time. This service is just applied from Sunday to Friday, from 8 am to 3 pm, due to Vietnam Time Zone

To make super urgent visa, please see the guidance by Vietnam Visa Online:


  • Contact us before apply in the  email Support@VietnamVisaOnline.net
  • Please forward all the information of your flight to us or provide us with the important information as following:

  1. The address of city and the country where you will fly,
  2. The departure time
  3. Arrival time of the flight.
  • We will check the timezone at the place you are going to fly and make comparison with Vietnam Timezone.


Things you should prepare:

  • Show your Printed Approval Letter to the Airlines when you get on board.
  • You need prepare 2 latest passport- size photos (in color, 4*6cm size, with a face straight forward).
  • The Form on Arrival (printed in two forms, glued your photos and filled information) is submitted at the Vietnam Airport. Download Immigration Form (PDF).
  • Check all the information in the visa approval letter is correct.

The cost will vary based on the level of emergency.


Processing Time

1 hour

2 hours

4 hours

Plus $100

Plus $80

Plus $30


You pay the fee due to the following fee column via payment link: http://www.vietnamvisaonline.net/payment-online/



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Syh Jan 13, 2017 on 2:38 pm
Can we apply right now? I know its 2:22pm your time, will we have it by today if we apply now?
Dack Dec 20, 2016 on 10:58 am
I just processed an application for a three month multiple entry visa and already made payment.
However I need someone to meet me at the airport to process the application quickly so need to pay the fee
please advise.
Theo Oct 19, 2016 on 8:55 am
Hello just we are flying tonight for vietnam at 22 a clock a thought that it would be ready in 24 hours??are we going to have a problem at the airport ?we will print the paper at the stop at dubai
Dinh thi thuy loan Nov 23, 2015 on 11:49 am

Dear, I need an emergeny visa today or tomorrow morning before 11am for a Turkish couple. They are my husband's uncle and aunt. They are coming to attend our wedding. Please contact me via number 841.......167 Thank you very much

Dorothy Aug 10, 2013 on 12:49 pm
I like your service visa.
Visa Viet Nam Aug 08, 2013 on 3:00 pm
Dear Omprakash,

We can make urgent visa for Saudi Arabia in 4 hours, you just need to send us your scanned passport, flight ticket and hotel booking and then make payment so that we can make visa for you.
Omprakash Aug 08, 2013 on 2:45 pm
We have used your service one time, it is fast and accuate, Do you provide visa for Saudi Arabi? At the moment, we need visa in 4 hours
We are at the airport in Shanghai, China
Lu Phung Linh Jul 11, 2013 on 3:39 pm
Hi ! Em ten la Linh . Xin hoi
Anh hoac Chi vui long cho em xin so contact duoc khg a .
Lisa Ann Gray Jun 09, 2013 on 9:08 am

The content you gave is very clear and easy to understand. It's so great to get my visa in just 2 hours  at Sunday

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