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Getting Vietnam Visa For 6 Months Or 1 Year

A foreigner can get a 1-year or 6-month long-term Vietnam visa. However, under the new rules of the state agency, a 06-month or 1-year visa is only issued for the purpose of business or employment.

Settlement Of Banned Exit Or Entry

Foreigners sometimes will be listed on the system of Vietnam Immigration Department and banned exit, entry, or visa extension in Vietnam

Make 2 Year Visa For People Who Don't Have Guarantee Company

Foreigners are living and working in Vietnam who wants to do long term visa as stipulated by state agencies. They must have the guarantee of company, and offer of working.

05 Year Vietnam Visa Exemption For Foreigners

05 year visa exemption for foreigners to Vietnam is applicable to passengers who are the husbands, the wives, the children of people with Vietnamese nationality and passports, identity cards in Vietnam or to be Vietnamese

Making A Temporary Residence Card For Turkish

Vietnamese temporary residence card for Turkish can be valid within 01 year or 02 years, must have a Vietnamese work permit to make a temporary residence card.

Procedure of doing work permits Vietnam for Turkish

Doing work permits Vietnam for Turkish is not depending on symbols of visa on passport. Visa can be symbol Tourism DL or visiting relatives TT or working, commercial DN

Vietnam Visa For Turkish

Vietnam Visa for Turkish for the purpose of tourism in Vietnam is quite difficult, because the government of Vietnam considers Turkey nationality as sensitive nationality, therefore the cost and time will longer and more costly.

Procedures For Applying Work Permit For Foreign Workers In Vietnam

Foreigners working in Vietnam for more than 03 consecutive months have to register work permit, from the date of 01/04/2016 Vietnam government has adopted new regulations on newly granting and renewing work permit.